An AI Algorithm Is Only As Good As The Data Behind It

Wovenware is one of the first companies to employ a dedicated scalable private crowd of data specialists, to identify, label, categorize and QC huge datasets. Our private crowd approach to data labeling provides the human insights and quality control to help AI algorithms, particularly deep learning algorithms, learn better.

We approach data labeling with our dedicated scalable data specialists


We Deliver Custom Training Datasets At Scale

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Private Crowd

Our private crowd is comprised of a large team of trained U.S.-based data specialists under NDAs that receive extensive onboarding to consistently identify and label data, including objects and images with extreme accuracy and precision, resulting in datasets that are of the highest quality.

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Satellite Image Detection

We conduct data labeling for all types of data from images to text and audio, and we’ve become the de facto leader in object detection and labeling of electro-optical images, such as satellite images. We’ve labeled, categorized and annotated over 3+ million objects in satellite images.


Our Data Specialists Understand The Nuances Of Training Algorithms And How Smart Apps Learn

Training Data As Service

Our data specialists are trained to understand the specific business challenge and the underlying data from our Data Scientists. After rigorous training, they will identify, classify and label data. Labeled data undergoes a QA/QC certification process.

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