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Cloud Native Application

serverless architecture

The Role of Serverless Architecture in Modern Software Engineering

Summary - In this article, we'll examine the role of serverless architecture in contemporary software engineering, highlight how it has revolutionized application development and deployment and discuss its advantages in terms of efficiency, scalability and development speed as well as its ability to concentrate on core business logic and facilitate integration. Table of Contents…

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cloud computing

The Role of Cloud Computing in the Future of Software Engineering

Summary - The blog post discusses how cloud computing will affect software programming in the future. It shows how on-demand access to processing resources, which reduces costs and increases efficacy, is altering the way software developers and engineers work. Software development companies are now able to scale their operations rapidly and adapt to shifting client…

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Custom Software Application to the Cloud

Is it Time to Move Your Custom Software Application to the Cloud?

You invested on a custom built software application to improve your business. Now you are running this mission critical application in a local server at your office site. Maybe you have a fancy datacenter or maybe you do not. What you have is a software application that cannot fail. Is your datacenter the right place…

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