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Wovenware has over 19 years of experience developing and delivering custom software solutions for an array of regulated industries- including Aerospace. With our seasoned team of programmers,data scientists and design experts, we offer a variety of services – from computer vision solutions for satellite image detection, to cloud-based analytics, we leverage intelligent technologies to help the aerospace industry reach new heights in data-driven automation that enables more time for innovation.
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We combine in-depth industry experience with world-class software and AI expertise to help you amplify human capabilities through software-based products.


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Custom Software Development

Our software development service offerings address the full range of requirements -- from application modernization to cloud-based infrastructure, we help you bring to life the solutions that help your business succeed.


AI & Computer Vision

Are you maximizing the value of your data to operate more efficiently and make better business decisions? Our proprietary algorithms can automatically identify and classify objects, as well as detect patterns in large image data-sets with the highest levels of accuracy. And, we offer a wide array of custom AI solutions – from machine learning and deep learning to chatbot development.


Advanced Service Design & UX

We carefully craft seamless digital experiences through a design process that focuses on understanding usage patterns, goals and needs and then ensuring technology delivers in ways that add real value. From monitoring and evaluating interactions, screens and wireframes, to conducting user testing and heuristic reviews we constantly work to improve the digital solution, delight end-users and reduce the time to delivery.


Mobile App Development

Wovenware provides world-class mobile application development services for all platforms and devices. Our extensive experience developing custom mobile applications drives clear business value and brings the right solutions to wherever, whenever they’re needed.

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Following a human-centric approach, we focus our efforts on solving problems through innovative technology solutions that augment human capabilities and deliver measurable business value.

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The first step in any digital transformation is to research and organize the right course of action. That includes creating the team and gaining a clear understanding of the client’s needs and the strategy to be used.

Craft New Solutions
& Experiences

Once the first step is done, we focus on the problem at hand. In this step, we design and refine potential solutions and narrow them down to the right one.

Develop Technology
With Impact

Once we know we’re on to something good, we develop and test the solution to ensure its effectiveness and the process is documented.

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Tasks with
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Data Specialists
with Proven Expertise

“Data labeling, model development as well as deployment: Wovenware can do all of it. Their knowledge of this technology is second to none.”

— Maxar


Private Crowds Create the Largest Satellite Imagery Set on the Planet.

AI algorithms usually get all the attention, but in reality, data is what’s most important. Accurate AI models rely on well identified, classified and labeled data. Wovenware has played a key role in building Maxar’s image annotation toolsets and labeling some of its most ambitious satellite image datasets. Our seasoned team of developers work with our trained data specialists to create a mass production line of satellite data.

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Creating a Next-Generation User Experience for a Traditional Analytics Application

xTerrain is a high-performance terrain and raster analysis system that enables users to create highly accurate terrain products in a fraction of the time, by leveraging high-performance computing resources. Customers are using xTerrain today to produce view-sheds and radio propagation models to perform routing operations for security and humanitarian missions at a global scale. Maxar Technologies turned to Wovenware to design a streamlined and intuitive user experience with a modern, minimalist interface design that showcased the power of simplicity, speed and efficiency offered by the xTerrain application.

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Computer Vision Aircraft Detection Models Add Deeper View into Airport Activity.

Maxar turned to Wovenware to enhance the insights delivered through SecureWatch, with the addition of computer vision models that would help it to automatically detect aircraft in airports around the world. AI-powered geospatial insights are generated on a daily basis as new satellite imagery becomes available.

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Let’s advance into the digital era by creating useful technology together that empowers humans and delivers impact. We’re committed to creating custom solutions for the problems that matter.

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