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Dana Montenegro

A Deep Dive into the Intersection of Data, AI, and Human-Centered Design 

Summary: U.S. Census Data Symposium discussion included Wovenware’s Service Design lead. Table of Contents Data: The New Oil Fueling Puerto Rico’s AI Ascent  Placing People at the Heart of Technology   Solving Problems by Looking Upstream   Dana Montenegro, the Chief Design Officer at Wovenware, recently delivered a captivating keynote address at the U.S. Census Data Symposium.…

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Branding is ImportantBut the Real Showstopper is User Experience

Branding is Important. But the Real Showstopper is User Experience

Analyzing cinema chain rebranding Over the last few weeks, there has been a sizzling discussion about the rebranding of a local Puerto Rican cinema chain after years of sticking to its logo. Caribbean Cinemas' new brand has been receiving criticism by some as representing monotone minimalism, lack of creativity, inaccurate representation of their brand values,…

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Digital First World

Businesses Today Must Reinvent Themselves to Embrace a Digital-First

The term “BYOD” is taking on a whole meaning today, thanks to COVID-19. Mobile devices, mobile apps and the internet will be as necessary as face masks, when dining out, shopping, visiting a hair salon or visiting a doctor. Many businesses, however, may have been caught off-guard and now must put their digital transformation initiatives…

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