Modernizing Solutions Together

In response to multiple legacy systems, the need for efficient reporting, and the challenge of sharing data across incompatible systems, Departamento de Hacienda, in collaboration with Wovenware, developed a Tax Intelligence System in 2010. This system centralizes tax data from various sources, enhances economic forecasting, improves fraud detection, and transforms data operations, allowing for more time to be allocated towards data analysis and strategic insights.

Transforming Tax Management

Tasked with managing diverse legacy systems and improving tax data management, Wovenware introduced a Tax Intelligence System. This system centralized data from over 50 sources, encompassing various tax categories, and managed the QlikView analytics platform's capabilities. By shifting the focus towards strategic analysis rather than data collection, Wovenware enabled Departamento de Hacienda to improve fraud detection, optimize revenue forecasting, and streamline tax management operations.

and Learnings

• Hacienda has to centrally collect, store and share tax data across multiple legacy systems and data sources.  

• The Department of Revenue needed a way to provide faster and more user-friendly reports on revenue generated from taxes. 

• It had to find a better way to integrate data from various systems, which was being done manually.

• It needed a way to compare individual tax data to identify patterns and anomalies and better identify fraudulent activities.

The Wovenware Approach

Utilizing the powerful QlikView analytics software platform, Wovenware crafted a Tax Intelligence System for Hacienda. This system serves as a centralized repository, aggregating essential data from over 50 diverse sources encompassing excise, income, sales, alcohol, lottery, and various other taxes throughout the island. It not only consolidates this wealth of data but also distills it into actionable insights. Presently, Wovenware maintains the system with a dedicated team of three full-time employees on-site, continuously expanding its capabilities by integrating new data sources and developing dynamic dashboards and reports to adapt to evolving requirements.

Technologies we take advantage of


Building it Right

The system not only centralizes essential economic data vital for reporting to both local and federal authorities but also develops better visibility and analytics, significantly improving the accuracy of tax-generated income forecasts. This heightened visibility has become instrumental in uncovering instances of tax fraud, resulting in increased tax revenue. For instance, Departamento de Hacienda can now efficiently cross-reference an individual's owed sales taxes for a high-end automobile purchase with their reported income taxes, enabling the detection of fraudulent reporting—a task previously challenging due to data fragmentation.

Recognizing the growing emphasis on economic growth, Wovenware is actively assisting in the development of microsimulation technology. This innovation will furnish Hacienda with dynamic dashboards that simulate economic growth scenarios, providing critical insights into how different tax strategies impact economic development.

Let’s create useful technology together that empowers humans and delivers impact.