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Mobile App Development

Demystifying the Art of Chatbot Development 

Summary: Chatbots have become an essential component of the online user experience, improving customer interaction, automating activities, and increasing engagement on websites and apps. From e-commerce platforms to customer service sites, chatbots are making interactions more efficient and customer friendly. Table of Contents Defining Chatbots   Three Types of Chatbots   Chatbot – From Concept to Reality   …

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User Interface for your web app

Need to Create a User Interface for Your Web App? React or Angular are Good Bets

When we design and develop a new web application, one of the most important elements that must be considered is its user interface. The user interface (or UI) is the product that the “end-users” will use to interact with the application. Factors that we need to consider for the UI are: usability, responsive design, colors…

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Clean Campground - Clean Code

Leaving the Campground Cleaner Than You Found it: Key Lessons for Better Software Development

One of the things that I most enjoy about programming is that it is a constant learning experience. The field is ever changing and will never get stale. There’s always something new to learn, such as new languages or technologies that bring increasingly new levels of innovation to the field. After years of experience as a…

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Application modernization and the Premera hack

Rebuilding enterprise security: Application modernization and the Premera hack

When word broke last week that the data belonging to more than 11 million customers, dating back to 2002, had been hacked at Premera, it occurred to me that IT is at a crossroads between the proliferation of customer-facing apps and the need for application modernization across the enterprise. Standing at that crossroads (and a…

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CMO Application Modernization

Why the CMO Should Care about Application Modernization

Application modernization is the biggest technology change the CMO never saw coming. In last week’s post, we offered a primer on application modernization and its value for the organization. To recap: app modernization is a strategy for extending the life of business applications—from customer-facing mobile apps to team collaboration software to business-critical applications deep within the…

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Custom Software Development Puerto Rico

The place where ‘mobile first’ really means something

You probably haven’t heard about the secret AI meeting that was held in Puerto Rico, but unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re already heard about Google’s announcement that the company will pilot its first Project Ara smartphones right here. As Google itself noted, Puerto Rico’s “mobile first” lifestyle and inclusion in the FCC's…

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Application Modernization

Application Modernization: IT Infrastructure Investments for the SaaS Era

In an IT cost management environment where writing down technical debt is paramount, application modernization is emerging as a successful strategy for extending the life of business applications and rebuilding the IT infrastructure in small batches, over time. Put simply, application modernization is the redevelopment of an existing software application into a modern architecture so the…

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