The Role of Prototype Labs in Service Design

Prototype Labs

Prototype labs can play a critical role in the success of software projects. By providing a space for early-stage experimentation and collaboration, prototype labs can help teams generate better results.
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How Wovenware Does it

We fuse UX, UI, Service Design, System Thinking and Business Discipline to deliver competitive advantage.

Decision making is hard when things are constantly changing and resources stretched. We add confidence to decision making on new solutions, services or features by identifying the assumptions, building prototypes and getting real world feedback from actual users. And thanks to our Prototype Lab, we do it fast, affordably and with an eye on results.

Using the voice of our customer as a north star

Learn how organizations benefit from Protoype Labs

A Prototype Lab allows us to test hypotheses and the value behind an idea before it goes into development so that we can pivot and avoid risk early. It is how we provide decision- making confidence.

Check out our insights and examples of how other companies have benefited from Wovenware’s service design approach.