Digital transformation is disrupting the manufacturing industry

Custom Software Development
for Manufacturing

Digital-first manufacturing companies integrate digital systems and technologies into conventional processes, allowing them to be more effective across the entire manufacturing chain, increasing production capacity and reducing material losses.
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Fueling digital transformation to gain a competitive advantage

Leading manufacturing companies are implementing new technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Data and Analytics to drive growth. To ensure success, companies must develop future-ready strategies to manage change and capitalize on opportunities.


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Innovative Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry


Custom Software Development

Our software development service offerings address the full range of requirements -- from application modernization to cloud-based infrastructure, we help you bring to life the solutions that help your business succeed.


AI & Computer Vision

Are you maximizing the value of your data to operate more efficiently and make better business decisions? Our proprietary algorithms can automatically identify and classify objects, as well as detect patterns in large image data-sets with the highest levels of accuracy. And, we offer a wide array of custom AI solutions – from machine learning and deep learning to chatbot development.


Advanced Service Design & UX

We carefully craft seamless digital experiences through a design process that focuses on understanding usage patterns, goals and needs and then ensuring technology delivers in ways that add real value. From monitoring and evaluating interactions, screens and wireframes, to conducting user testing and heuristic reviews we constantly work to improve the digital solution, delight end-users and reduce the time to delivery.


Mobile App Development

Wovenware provides world-class mobile application development services for all platforms and devices. Our extensive experience developing custom mobile applications drives clear business value and brings the right solutions to wherever, whenever they’re needed.


Following a human-centric approach, we focus our efforts on solving problems through innovative technology solutions that augment human capabilities and deliver measurable business value.

Your User

The first step in any digital transformation is to research and organize the right course of action. That includes creating the team and gaining a clear understanding of the client’s needs and the strategy to be used.

Craft New Solutions
& Experiences

Once the first step is done, we focus on the problem at hand. In this step, we design and refine potential solutions and narrow them down to the right one.

Develop Technology
With Impact

Once we know we’re on to something good, we develop and test the solution to ensure its effectiveness and the process is documented.

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Projects in U.S. locations and 6 countries around the world

“Wovenware was a key partner in helping us launch a first-of-its-kind home delivery program. Triple-S en Casa will provide a better pharmacy experiecne with the convenience of home delivery and peace of mind for millions of people in Puerto Rico at a time when they need it most.”

— Abarca Healthcare