Modernizing Legacy Applications

Legacy App Modernization

Bringing new life to legacy solutions.
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How Wovenware Does it

We add new features to your tried and true solutions to provide greater functionality.

Companies rely on their legacy applications to ensure business consistency and they may not be ready to make the leap to new solutions. Wovenware updates current solutions to modern software languages or cloud-first architecture to help you remain current and gain greater functionality and life out of the software that helps your business run.

Before writing the first line of code

Refreshing Legacy Systems Through Modernization

Like rebuilding an automobile engine, app modernization can be an economical and efficient way of extending the life of the app. It enables us to take a test-and-refine approach, rather than a rip-and-replace one – especially when companies are working to do more with less and rein in costs.

Unlike rebuilding an old motor, app modernization is not always about extending the life of something that needs to be retired soon. At Wovenware, we believe that modernization also is a strategy for upgrading an organization’s entire IT infrastructure, starting at the application level, and then going deeper when needed to address foundational issues that, in turn, support stronger application integration, deployment and management.

Below are best practices when undertaking the legacy modernization route.

Using the voice of our customer as a north star

Learn how organizations benefit from legacy modernization

Incorporating emerging technologies, empowering teams to experiment, and find ways to do daily work in a better way is what innovation is all about. But this type of digital transformation – the kind that is most successful — doesn’t happen overnight. When tried and true legacy systems that continue to provide value, live in harmony with innovative technologies, the ultimate benefits of modernization are realized. Yet, this type of change doesn’t come easy, but requires a unique digital transformation partner that can transcend the old and the new to create a perfect balance of each.

Check out our insights and examples of how other companies have benefited from Wovenware’s expertise in business intelligence and other software services.