Legacy Application Modernization

Keeping the lights on and rolling out new features in legacy enterprise applications is a time consuming and costly endeavor in today’s omnichannel 24/7 instant services era. Many organizations undergoing digital transformation undertake legacy application modernization projects to take advantage of the cloud and improve their speed and flexibility in releasing new functionality while scaling applications at the pace of their customer growth. 


End to End Legacy Modernization Services

Wovenware helps organization throughout different stages in implementing cloud-based applications including migration of legacy applications, development of new applications, re-architecting existing applications, and integrating legacy and new applications. Our full spectrum of services includes:

  • Application Assessment
  • Service Design
  • New Architecture Design
  • Custom Application Development
  • UI/UX Modernization
  • Omni-channel Integration
  • CI/CD and DevOps

Application Assessment

Modernizing legacy applications requires collaboration between multidisciplinary teams that evaluate the technical requirements against business requirements and operational impact. In an application assessment phase, the team will hold several workshops to understand the business objectives and expected outcomes, the server environment and technology stack of the legacy applications as well as the organizations familiarity with Agile methodologies and DevOps process. The journey towards cloud native applications will require a strategic modernization path that takes into consideration all these requirements.


Service and Customer Experience Design

We take a people-first approach when building software applications. Using modern design thinking techniques, we take a deep dive into understanding and empathizing with the people who need the services provided by the application. We kick-off most of our projects with a mission immersion. A mission immersion is a series of collaborative and dynamic workshops designed to help teams understand the business context and customer perspective, design a product vision, and provide the necessary tools to guide decisions throughout the application development process. The main objectives of the workshops are the following:

  • Understand Business Context and Goals
  • Understand Customer Pain Points
  • Define the Problem and the Solution
  • Create a vision of the Product Idea
  • Understand the Products Uniqueness and Value
  • Identify resources needed for the project
  • Align Teams in Agile Development Process Practices
  • Establish connections and communication channels

 Ensuring you are addressing the right problem and designing a solution with a compelling customer experience is a critical step in building any application, regardless of where it is hosted.


Software Application Architecture

Migrating from a legacy to a cloud infrastructure is not a straight-forward feat.  We evaluate monolithic and microservices architectures and design a solution best suited for your business needs. The application architecture will depend on whether you are refactoring software, adding new features, integrating different channels, or creating a new application from scratch. As consultants, we are technology-agnostic and will evaluate the technology platforms that are best suited to our customers.


Custom Application Development

Most legacy modernization projects require some level of application development ranging from adding new features and building APIs to refactoring modules, rearchitecting or fully rewriting applications. We employ dedicated remote teams with experience in a wide range of front-end and back-end technology platforms. We use agile development methodologies to facilitate collaboration by delivering production-ready code in short iteration cycles.


UI/UX Modernization

Technology is only one aspect of application modernization. Modernizing how the product looks, flows and feels to the user is integral to the customer experience.  The best brand experience allows customers to solve their problems quickly an easily. Wovenware’s user interface and experience designers will align customer and business goals to create a delightful experience for users.


Omni-channel Integration

Older legacy applications often cannot integrate to modern applications like chatbots and mobile apps. A modernization path will include providing the appropriate integration services that allow legacy software to connect and interact with modern applications and channels including mobile services, social media, chatbots, and machine learning models.


CI/CD and DevOps

A path to application modernization includes updating the deployment and release processes to integrate CI/CD pipelines and DevOps processes to allow to quickly develop and deploy new features to existing applications. Ensuring fast and efficient software delivery will allow the application to evolve at the pace of user demands and expectations.