HFS Hot Vendor 2021

Wovenware recognized as a HFS OneOffice Hot Vendor:
Q4 2021

As a testament to its commitment to innovation and excellence in the field of software engineering, Wovenware has been recognized as an HFS OneOffice Hot Vendor in the Q4 2021 report, which highlights startups and new players with the potential to disrupt markets and impact the industry.

HFS Research, a leading market research firm, has conducted a detailed analysis of Wovenware's background, future direction, current customers, and approach to AI, software engineering, and digital transformation, recognizing our distinctiveness, ecosystem robustness, client impact, and financial aspect as a Hot Vendor in its quarterly report.

HFS has designated Wovenware as an HFS OneOffice™ Hot Vendor because it stands out in the noisy world of AI.

Tom Reuner
Research Leader at HFS Research.

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Check out the HFS QA 2021 Hot Vendors report to learn:

Discover how Wovenware, a nearshore software development and AI company, was designated as an HFS OneOffice Hot Vendor in Q4 2021 for its outcome-centric, consultative approach to AI and software development. Check out the report to learn more about industry coverage and domain expertise

Integrated AI results
Wovenware differentiates itself in the crowded AI space through its service design, a broad gamut of AI technologies with a cluster of capabilities in computer vision.

HFS’ takes
According to the report, “Wovenware stands out as an outcome-centric, consultative AI consultancy, leveraging thought leadership and a unique software heritage.”

Vendor fact sheets
Wovenware is a nearshore firm, offering custom software development, AI and Service Design services to more than 50 clients in key regulated industries.

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