Accomplish More with a Human + Machine Workforce

We augment the capabilities of your human workforce by powering machines to automate repetitive tasks. We unlock the power of your data by getting machines to examine heaps of information to identify trends, detect anomalies, and predict outcomes. We uncover insights that will empower your team to do their best work.

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End To End Services

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AI Services

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Custom Chatbot Development

Do you want to improve the customer experience by engaging with users in digital channels? We design custom chatbots that have natural conversational capabilities, integrate into your systems, and can learn at the pace of a flywheel with every new conversation.

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Data Analytics and Insights

Do you know your data? Are you really capitalizing on data insights that can help you better understand your customers and operations? Our data science team will use advanced analytics and modeling techniques to derive insights from your data for your specific business needs.

Data architecture

Data Architecture

Is your data unusable because it is inaccessible and locked in silos? Our team can perform a data audit to assess your data and infrastructure needs to design the right architecture and cohesive data structure required to power your analytics and AI solutions.

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Applied Computer Vision

Are you maximizing the potential value of your image data assets? From satellite images to mosquitoes, our proprietary deep learning algorithms can automatically identify and classify objects, as well as detect patterns in image data sets to extract actionable insights.

Custom Predictive Analytics

Custom Predictive Analytics

If you could predict an outcome or customer behavior that affects your bottom line, what would it be? From churn to customer segmentation our data science team can create custom predictive analytics algorithms tailored to your data and strategic objectives using machine learning and deep learning.

Private Crowd Data Labeling

Private Crowd Data Labeling

Our private crowd is comprised of a large team of trained U.S.-based data specialists under NDA who undergo extensive training to consistently identify and label data, including objects and images with extreme accuracy and precision, resulting in datasets that are of the highest quality.

Innovation Consulting

Want to power your business with AI but don't know where to start? We facilitate dynamic workshops to identify potential high-impact AI solutions for your business and assess your organization's data needs.​

Service Design

Want to help your customers solve their problems quickly and easily? We are design driven. This means we connect with users at a human level before writing a single line of code. We use a designer’s mindset and methods to create transformational digital experiences.


Modern Methodologies

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Design Thinking For AI

We use modern design thinking techniques to deliver AI solutions that are centered around human values and natural interactions.

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Innovation Sprint

Our AI Innovation Sprints last anywhere from 2-4 weeks with the objective of building a proof of concept to determine the feasibility of solving your specific business problem with a custom artificial intelligence solution based on your data.

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Deep Learning Platform

Our in-house infrastructure and proprietary platforms and predictive algorithms optimized for deep learning allow us to build computer vision models faster with the flexibility that enables customization for your specific use cases.

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