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AI Bootcamp

Understanding Data, Analytics and Insights

Understanding Data Insights and Analytics

Improving the customer experience and creating impact with products centered around human values require organizations to move beyond traditional data and analytics strategies to lay the foundation for insights-driven change. To build an organization that maximizes the values of multidisciplinary teams, diverse data sources and omni-channel support, it’s important to strip the insight-generation process to…

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Chatbot Software Development

Chatbot Development Methodology: A Melting Pot of Diverse Teams and Frameworks

Artificial Intelligence is the driving force behind the creation of innovative products like autonomous vehicles and chatbots. Recent advancements in Natural Language Processing (NLP) have made chatbots, also referred to as virtual assistants, a great option for improving the customer experience. Answering frequently asked questions, filing claims, checking the status of an order and getting…

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Outsourcing & Nearshoring: What are they?

A New Set of Guiding Principles for Data Science Project Management

What Has Not Changed The number of companies around the globe that are adopting artificial intelligence (AI) multiplies every year. Given this trend, data scientists are in high demand and specializations like natural language processing (NLP) and deep learning are becoming increasingly important. Despite the shortage of AI talent, companies cannot ignore the role of…

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Ethical Chatbot

It’s Time to Ensure that all Chatbots are Ethical

It often seems like chatbots are everywhere – wanting to strike up conversations with you when you’re on a website or calling into customer service. But those are just the chatbot conversations you know about. Chances are you’re communicating with chatbots in other instances and you’re not even aware of it. One of the pressing issues…

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