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Wovenware Predicts 2024 As the Year When AI Sets Sail, Brings Technology Industry Along in its Wake

Embracing a forward-thinking stance, Wovenware, a Maxar Intelligence company, envisions a pivotal transformation in the tech industry throughout 2024. Guided by the foresight of our company leaders our predictions offer an exclusive perspective on the imminent changes that will define the technology landscape.  

"In 2023, the launch of ChatGPT, Google Baird and other generative AI solutions put AI on the world stage across virtually all sector. Following economic uncertainty of the past year and cautious IT spend, which could continue into 2024, the possibilities of AI will shift from exploration to full-blown adoption, reinvigorating the entire tech industry and ushering in a new period of digital transformation and innovation."

Carlos Meléndez
Wovenware’s VP of Operations and Co-founder

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Our insights affirm that 2024 will be a transformative year, where the interplay of democratized AI, deliberate data strategies, economic prudence, and regulatory frameworks reshapes the technological landscape under our watchful guidance.

AI becomes democratized
While the use of machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing (NLP) and other forms of tech have become standard digital tools for many trail-blazing organizations over the past few years, in 2024 they will become standard tools used in some form by the majority of organizations.

Data get deliberate
Today, all companies are becoming data-driven companies, yet they still grapple with how to leverage it effectively. In 2024 organizations will become more intentional in how they collect and leverage data.

Economic uncertainty looms
In 2024, organizations will continue to be cautious about IT spend as they work to recover from the economic uncertainty of 2023. 

Government gets real about AI governance
The U.S. government is actively working to understand AI, but lacks a formal policy for its safe use. In 2024, increased collaboration with business is expected, introducing initial regulations for fairness, transparency, and identifying bad actors.

New tech zones emerge
With the U.S. government’s declaration of new tech hubs across the country, rising new regional tech hubs will grow and become attractive destinations for companies looking to set up shop or partner with tech providers beyond the boundaries of Silicon Valley.

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