Prioritizing outcomes in software development outsourcing

Reimagine the Benefits of Having a True Nearshore Software Development Partner

The practice of outsourcing to offshore partners in various industries has been around for some time, however, in the realm of custom software development, it can come with inherent flaws.

“The nearshore model is a clear route to ensuring you have a long-term partner with infrastructure, resources and expertise to help you achieve digital transformation goals and conquer whatever comes next.”

Carlos Meléndez
Co-Founder and COO of Wovenware

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Check out our software development ebook to learn about the types of outsourcing and why nearshoring often can be the best route to success.

Wovenware offers a unique nearshore partnership for custom software development and AI, centered on outcomes, not just cost, and with a team of experts based in Puerto Rico who understand the intricacies of the U.S. culture and business landscape.


Regulated Industries through Nearshore Partnerships
Wovenware encourages a shift from cost-focused offshoring models in custom software and AI development of an outcome-centered approach.


What is Offshore & Nearshore Software Development?
Offshore outsourcing involves a third party located outside of the US, while offshore outsourcing involves hiring equipment closer to the US.


The Impact of Nearshore Software Dev Partner
Incorporating a nearshore partner in custom software dev can offer benefits such as diversity and owning solutions.


3 Common Approaches to Nearshore Dev
AI is used to analyze, organize, access and provide advisory services based on structured and unstructured information.


Getting Started with Nearshore Checklist
You can start by clearly defining what you want to achieve and what edges you should have with your nearshore project. This includes the schedule, budget, and deliverables.


Approach to Nearshore Partnership
Unlike other remote software dev teams, Wovenware is a U.S.-based nearshore team. Headquartered in Puerto Rico, our value proposition is unique.

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