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Creating a New Digital Channel to Improve Patient Health

Wovenware and Abarca Health partner to create a game-changing home delivery service for prescription medication that upgrades the patient experience.

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“Wovenware was a key partner in launching a first of its kind home delivery program. Triple-S en Casa will provide a better pharmacy experience with the convenience of home delivery and peace of mind for millions of people in Puerto Rico at a time they need it most.”

Identifying opportunities together

Leading Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PMB), Abarca Health, is always looking for innovative ways to improve the healthcare experience for its members. Yet, picking up prescription medications can be cumbersome, especially for those members who can’t easily get to a pharmacy, or may not have time to wait in long pharmacy lines. Often, they may need to visit multiple pharmacies to get hard-to-obtain medications.

Setting a goal for success

Abarca set out to drastically change the patient experience by creating a game-changing home delivery service for prescription medications. It reached out to Wovenware to design and develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for an advanced mobile application.

Our challenges and learnings

  • The need to design a delightful user experience for users of diverse ages and backgrounds.
  • Provide convenience for users while maintaining security standards and regulatory compliance.
  • Design a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for both iOS and Android with an architecture that could scale to serve over 500,000 members.
  • Create novel features that add a wow factor to the customer experience.

The Wovenware Approach

Wovenware implemented agile development methodologies to design and build a mobile application centered around the user experience. The application architecture was designed to comply with high availability (always on) capabilities, scalability, HIPAA compliance and m ultiple platform requirements.

A robust backend hosted in Azure Cloud Services was built using REST APIs and domain- driven design. The mobile application supports both iOS and Android platforms. Agile development and automated testing allowed for rolling out new functionality on a monthly basis and continuously incorporating feedback. The Wovenware team collaborated with Abarca Tech, Alivia Health and Islandwide Logistics providers in the development of over 10 integrations with third party systems.

Technologies we take advantage of