Modernizing Solutions Together

In a strategic alliance borne from innovation and expertise, CDI Labs, a renowned global biotechnology firm based in Puerto Rico, has joined forces with Wovenware to embark on a transformative journey to develop a groundbreaking COVID-19 self-testing kit that promises to reshape the way we approach virus detection.

Redefining COVID-19 Testing with Care and Precision

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for testing outpaced the capabilities of many labs, leaving communities vulnerable and searching for solutions. Simultaneously, pharmaceutical firms were in a race against time to develop vaccines and test kits to safeguard public health. In this challenging landscape, we recognized the need for a reliable, AI-powered home testing solution that could deliver more accurate and official diagnoses than self-reported test results.

Challenges and Learnings

FDA Approval: Meeting rigorous FDA regulatory standards was a major hurdle, ensuring the safety and efficacy of our healthcare solution.

Human-Level Trial Results: Gaining trust required proving our solution's accuracy on par with healthcare professionals.

Timing: We faced a tight three-month deadline due to the urgent COVID-19 pandemic situation, demanding rapid development.

Scalability Planning: Preparing for a surge in demand was challenging, requiring our solution to handle thousands of transactions effectively.

Adaptive Design: Adapting to evolving needs and insights during the dynamic emergency situation demanded agility.

Accuracy vs. False Positives: Balancing high accuracy for trust and FDA approval while minimizing false positives was crucial.

The AI-Powered Wovenware Approach

We aimed to empower people of diverse ages and backgrounds to comfortably and confidently administer COVID-19 tests at home. To achieve this, we used AI to focus on user experience and data integrity. By leveraging AI algorithms, we meticulously crafted step-by-step instructions and intuitive visuals, continuously refined through real-time insights. These instructions were not created in isolation; instead, they were validated and observed with real people. To enhance the user experience further, we designed and developed a mobile application. This app served a dual purpose: it guided users through the test administration process and gathered essential information needed for reporting to local, state, and federal authorities. This streamlined approach made testing accessible and efficient, catering to a wide range of users.

Technologies we take advantage of

Building it Right:
AI Technologies at the Core

Central to our solution's success was the integration of AI technologies throughout the development lifecycle. From AI-powered predictive modeling to machine learning algorithms for data analysis, our solution leveraged a diverse array of AI tools to ensure accuracy, efficiency, and regulatory compliance. Additionally, our commitment to data security and privacy was upheld through AI-driven encryption protocols and HIPAA-compliant practices, safeguarding sensitive information throughout the testing process.

❝Wovenware is our technology partner of choice as we innovate a new approach to advanced COVID-19 self-testing. The company’s deep bench of expertise in mobile app development and AI for life sciences will allow us to meet surging market demand for easy-to-use, immediate, and accurate self-testing.❞

Ignacio Pino, President and CEO, CDI Labs.

Let’s create useful technology together that empowers humans and delivers impact.