Modernizing Solutions Together

In a strategic alliance born from innovation and expertise, CDI Labs, a renowned global biotechnology firm based in Puerto Rico, has joined forces with Wovenware to embark on a transformative journey to develop a groundbreaking COVID-19 self-testing kit that promises to reshape the way we approach virus detection.

Redefining COVID-19 Testing with Care and Precision

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for testing outpaced the capabilities of many labs, leaving communities vulnerable and searching for solutions. Simultaneously, pharmaceutical firms were in a race against time to develop vaccines and test kits to safeguard public health. In this challenging landscape, we recognized the need for a reliable, AI-powered home testing solution that could deliver more accurate and official diagnoses than self-reported test results.

Challenges and Learnings

FDA Approval: Meeting rigorous FDA regulatory standards was a major hurdle, ensuring the safety and efficacy of our healthcare solution.

Human-Level Trial Results: Gaining trust required proving our solution's accuracy on par with healthcare professionals.

Timing: We faced a tight three-month deadline due to the urgent COVID-19 pandemic situation, demanding rapid development.

Scalability Planning: Preparing for a surge in demand was challenging, requiring our solution to handle thousands of transactions effectively.

Adaptive Design: Adapting to evolving needs and insights during the dynamic emergency situation demanded agility.

Accuracy vs. False Positives: Balancing high accuracy for trust and FDA approval while minimizing false positives was crucial.

The Wovenware Approach

We aimed to empower people of diverse ages and backgrounds to comfortably and confidently administer COVID-19 tests at home. To achieve this goal, we embarked on a meticulous journey of design and development, focusing on user experience and data integrity. We began by crafting a cadence of step-by-step instructions accompanied by intuitive visuals. These instructions were not created in isolation; instead, they were validated and observed with real people. Through continuous iterations, we fine-tuned every detail until we achieved a user-friendly, foolproof testing process. To enhance the user experience further, we designed and developed a mobile application. This app served a dual purpose: it guided users through the test administration process and gathered essential information needed for reporting to local, state, and federal authorities. This streamlined approach made testing accessible and efficient, catering to a wide range of users.

Technologies we take advantage of

Building it Right

Recognizing the need for schools and businesses to validate negative testing, we made sure the application was designed to facilitate such collaborations seamlessly. Our commitment to data security and privacy was critical to achieve HIPAA compliance and adhere to security best practices, safeguarding sensitive information throughout the process. As an integral component of our solution, an AI model developed to provide an independent diagnosis.

❝Wovenware is our technology partner of choice as we innovate a new approach to advanced COVID-19 self-testing. The company’s deep bench of expertise in mobile app development and AI for life sciences will allow us to meet surging market demand for easy-to-use, immediate, and accurate self-testing.❞

Ignacio Pino, President and CEO, CDI Labs.

Let’s create useful technology together that empowers humans and delivers impact.