Digital transformation emphasizing customer-centric design.

The Modern Approach to Software Development: Human-Centered Design

The success of companies' digital transformation goals can be impacted if they don't prioritize understanding the specific needs of their customers.

Throughout the years, software development has undergone significant changes. In this ebook we dive into the history of software development methodologies, discuss the limitations of the traditional waterfall approach, and highlight the benefits of human-centric design through the lens of Agile methodologies.

Digital transformation is transitioning from a focus on speed of deployment or utilizing the most advanced digital tools, to building the right thing to meet human needs today – in transforming the human experience for the better.”

Dana Montenegro
Chief Design Officer at Wovenware.

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Explore our Modern Approach to Human Centered Design ebook to learn:

The eBook explores the evolution of software development in the digital era. It highlights the role of cloud technologies and Agile methodologies in enabling companies to adopt a human-centered approach that prioritizes design-thinking and leads to solutions that cater to the needs of customers, while also detailing how Wovenware applies this approach in all of its projects.

Modern Approach to Human-Centric Design
This section discusses the evolution of software development, from the traditional "waterfall" approach to modern agile methodologies.

Why Companies Are Turning to Design Thinking
Implementing service design early in the development process can lead to cost savings, increased sales, and higher customer satisfaction.

Let Design Set the Direction
Service design organizations have diverse teams of creative thinkers, including designers, developers, and specialists, who use design thinking to address unique business challenges.

A Modern Approach to Software Development
The modern approach to software development involves prioritizing user needs, using design thinking.

About Wovenware
Wovenware is a San Juan-based AI and software development technology consulting firm that focuses on a human-centric approach to deliver innovative custom solutions.

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