Frequent Questions

During the initial call, our sales team will discuss your IT project in detail. We will cover the specific requirements, technologies, and any other relevant information necessary to understand your project thoroughly.

We would like to gather an understanding of your budget for the project during the first call. This will help us align your expectations and identify the best possible solution within your financial constraints. We'll discuss your budget and work together to find a suitable approach.

We offer various engagement models to cater to different project needs. During the call, we will discuss which type of engagement suits your requirements. We provide options such as team staffing or augmentation, project-based engagement, full project-based solutions, or even a complete nearshore software development project. We will explore which approach aligns best with your goals and resources.

We understand that each project comes with unique challenges and concerns. During the call, we will address any worries or questions you may have regarding your project. Common concerns include timelines, technical feasibility, scalability, security, and potential risks. Our team is here to guide you and provide the necessary information to alleviate your concerns and ensure a successful project outcome.

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