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Predictive Analytics: Transform Data into Business Foresight with Wovenware

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Predictive analytics: A Crystal Ball for Your Business

At Wovenware, we help you forecast trends, behavior, and opportunities with our cutting-edge Predictive Analytics services.

Leverage the power of Predictive Analytics Services with Wovenware. With over 20 years of experience, we specialize in crafting cutting-edge AI-based predictive analytics solutions tailored to address your unique business challenges. Utilizing big data analytics, statistical analysis, and advanced forecasting, we help organizations remove the risk in decision-making and allow them to proactively address changing business needs. Dive deep into our suite of services and discover how we enable better decision-making for regulated markets.

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Churn Prediction Models Improve Health Insurance Customer Retention

Wovenware partnered with a Blue Cross Blue Shield provider in Puerto Rico to develop a predictive model using claims and demographic data. The aim was to predict potential churn among Platinum Advantage members before the open enrollment period. Despite challenges with imbalanced data-sets due to fewer disaffiliations, Wovenware employed smart feature engineering without altering real-life outcomes.

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A Trusted Partner in Predictive Analytics

Leverage Wovenware's two decades of AI expertise to make data-driven decisions that propel your business forward.

Didn't find the exact predictive analytics solution you were seeking?

At Wovenware, we specialize in developing custom Predictive Analytics Services tailored to your needs. Contact us to harness the power of machine learning, big data analytics, and statistical analysis to unlock your business's full potential.

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Predictive Analytics Out in the Field

A Proven Pathway from Data to Decisions

Our development process combines a variety of best practices. From prototype labs and design sprints, to data labelling and AI development, we develop predictive analytics solutions that get to the crux of your business challenge.

We engage with the client to understand their business needs and how predictive analytics can address them.

Ensuring that the data we work with is accurate, reliable, and free of inconsistencies.

Employing advanced techniques to derive insights from the gathered data.

Creating algorithms that can predict future outcomes based on historical data.

Using data to predict future trends and evaluate potential risks.

Categorizing customers based on specific criteria to provide more personalized services or products.

Integrating the developed predictive model into the client's existing systems.

Regularly assessing the model's performance and making necessary adjustments.

Providing insights and actionable recommendations based on data analytics.

Ensuring seamless integration and addressing any challenges that arise.


Development Process Through Scrum Methodology

Our Scrum methodology ensures that we can adapt to your requirements while delivering high-quality predictive analytics solutions rapidly. As Wovenware, our development process for Predictive Analytics Services under the scrum methodology is as follows.

Technologies employed

Stay ahead of the curve with our extensive expertise in software development tools and technologies, ranging from machine learning to cloud computing.



SQL Databases (e.g., PostgreSQL, MySQL)

NoSQL Databases (e.g., MongoDB, Cassandra)





JavaScript (e.g., React, Vue.js, Angular)

D3.js for Data Visualization

CSS frameworks (e.g., Bootstrap, Materialize)

Web APIs (e.g., RESTful services)


React Native

Swift (iOS)

Kotlin (Android)


Android (Java, Kotlin)

Java (JavaFX)

C# (WPF, WinForms)

Python (Tkinter, PyQt)


C++ (Qt)








Microsoft SQL Server

Oracle Database



Amazon RDS

Google Cloud SQL

Microsoft Azure SQL Database

Amazon DynamoDB

Google Cloud Firestore

Azure Cosmos DB

Firebase Realtime Database

Amazon Redshift


Apache Spark

Apache Kafka

Apache Flink

Apache HBase




AWS (Amazon Web Services)

Azure (Microsoft)

Google Cloud Platform

IBM Cloud






Travis CI


GitLab CI/CD

GitHub Actions





Travis CI


GitLab CI/CD

GitHub Actions



Bitbucket Pipelines

Cost Variables

We offer a variety of pricing models to fit your unique requirements. For a customized pricing structure, contact us today.

Complexity of the Predictive Analytics Service: The complexity of the predictive analytics service refers to the intricacy of the analytical models and techniques needed to solve a particular problem. More complex problems often require advanced algorithms and expertise, which can result in higher costs.

Depth and specificity of requirements.

The choice of data analytics and machine learning tools can vary in terms of cost. Licensed or premium tools may incur additional expenses compared to open-source alternatives.

The level of expertise required to develop and implement predictive analytics models affects costs. Highly specialized skills may demand higher compensation for data scientists and analysts.

Costs associated with hardware and software infrastructure include server capacity, cloud computing resources, and licensing fees for necessary software components.

Data preparation, including cleaning, transformation, and integration, is a crucial step in predictive analytics. The time and effort required for these tasks can contribute to costs.

Depending on the nature of the analysis, specific statistical techniques or tests may be necessary. The complexity of these analyses can impact the overall cost.

Developing and maintaining forecasting models may require ongoing attention and expertise, which can influence project costs.

If risk assessment is part of the predictive analytics project, the methodology chosen and its complexity can affect costs.

Segmenting customers or target audiences based on specific criteria can vary in complexity. More complex segmentation may involve additional data and analytical efforts.

The length of the project directly affects costs, as longer projects typically require more resources and can result in higher labor expenses.

The use of licensed software or platforms for predictive analytics can result in licensing fees that contribute to project expenses.

Providing training for staff to use and maintain predictive analytics solutions, as well as ongoing support, can be a significant part of the overall cost.


Related Sub-Services

In addition to predictive analytics, we offer a range of related services, such as legacy application modernization and artificial intelligence services, to complete your data landscape.