Solve Problems
That Matter.

As a design driven AI and software engineering consulting firm, we put people first in everything we do. We kick off most of our projects with a series of workshops to fully understand the voice of the customer, the users and employees and find the best path to solve their problems quickly, easily and profitably.


Ingenuity, Collaboration, And Multidisciplinary Teams Are The Pillars For Our Innovation Strategy & Consulting Services

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Launchpad Huddles

Get client and TeamW to quickly explore the challenge, better define the outcome and align everyone on what will be deployed.

1 to 2 weeks, .5 to 2 days with the client

Prototype Lab

Allow us to text hypothesis and the value behind an idea before it goes into development so we can pivot and avoid pitfalls early. It is how we provide decision making confidence.

2 to 3 weeks

Design Sprint

Using the approach from Google Ventures, we accelerate thinking around a possible area of opportunity by dedicated 4 intense days to develop out a better idea.

1 to weeks to prep / 4 days to sprint

Design Studio Projects

Apply design thinking methods to discover opportunities by understanding user/customer/ stakeholder needs; building upon insights between human needs and business capabilities and developing new technology, process and business model ideas.

6 to 12 weeks


Innovation Accelerator

Help clients discover new areas of opportunity within their business, develop a roadmap to help prioritize efforts and a playbook to accelerate action.

6 to 12 weeks

A robot with ideas

AI Bootcamp / Data Dives

An immersive learning and doing event for executives, organizational technology and data leads to understand how cognitive technology applies in their industry and map out possible early opportunities. In Data Dives we work to map all the possible data an organization has.

1 to 2 day events


Modern Methodologies Provide A Framework To Bring Ideas To Fruition

Design Thinking

We use modern design thinking techniques and interactive activities and deliverables tailored for each client. Our collaborative process brings together business leaders, technology experts, creative designers and real customers to generate ideas that are grounded on human desirability, business objectives and technical feasibility.

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