Mobile Application Consulting

Wovenware provides a full spectrum of mobile application consulting services to turn an idea into a real product that drives positive customer outcomes. We provide services through every stage of the product development lifecycle, from discovery and exploration, MVP and prototyping to development, deployment and maintenance. We put people first in everything we do and we combine modern design thinking techniques and agile development methodologies to deliver breakthrough products and services.


Innovation Consulting and Service Design

We kick-off most of our mobile development projects with innovation consulting and service design workshops to take a deep dive in understanding the customer and business pain points, challenge underlying assumptions about solutions and think creatively on applications that can solve problems quickly and easily.  Empathizing with the end-user and creating a collaborative culture in multidisciplinary team will be key to creating solutions that have long lasting impact.


Build and Validate an MVP

We employ modern design thinking techniques to build prototypes and develop minimum viable products (MVPs) to validate business ideas and product design quickly and effectively.  A team of designers, developers, domain experts and customers will collaborate through various iterations of prototypes as the product roadmap is developed. All our mobile application consulting services will be compressed into short sprints of product prototyping.


Mobile Application Development

Custom application development is one of our pillar mobile consulting services. We can work with diverse platforms including iPhone and Android native application development, implementing Xamarin platform and developing responsive web applications in multiple frameworks like ReactJS and Angular. We will develop using the technology stack best suited for our client’s needs.


DevOps and CI/CD

Our seasoned engineers will manage releases through DevOps best practices, continuous integration, and continuous delivery pipelines. We will help your organization distribute the application in Apple App and Google Play Stores and maintain the application through OS system upgrades. Planning for continuous improvement and maintenance of a mobile app is critical to ensure service continuity.