Modernizing Legacy Solution With a Team Approach

For 150 years, New Jersey-based United States Cold Storage has been committed to serving companies seeking the best service, facilities and logistics in the cold food chain.

Augmenting staff with an Agile team approach

Wovenware became part of an Agile team across four locations to modernize and innovate US Cold Storage’s warehouse management system to enable a faster and more effective supply chain.

Our Challenges
and Learnings

• Modernize a legacy system to enable web-based flexibility, an intuitive user interface and continuous innovation.

• Augment internal staff with global providers to create a fully integrated, seamlessly Agile team.

• Ensure a gradual roll-out of the new eWMS across 36 warehouses, tailoring the solution to meet specific user needs.

The Wovenware Approach

Since its founding 150 years ago, United States Cold Storage has been committed to serving some of the world’s largest cold food brands, with superior storage, handling and transportation across North America. The complexity of operating more than 36 warehouses and distribution centers, communicating with manufacturers, preparing products for shipment and properly documenting all items that come into and go out its sites, was daunting. The company knew it needed to update its WMS, which it originally built upon the legacy AS/400 platform, to enable modern features and functionality and make it web-enabled.

To create an eWMS, the company built an Agile team to augment its staff. The team is composed of internal and external team members across four locations around the world. Wovenware has blended in seamlessly with the integrated team, to plan, execute, test and close incremental software updates tailored to meet the needs of specific warehouses.

Technologies we take advantage of

Building it Right

Wovenware augmented the US Cold Storage staff, becoming part of a global Agile team to modernize a legacy warehouse management system, to enable greater efficiency, productivity, and speed across the company’s warehouses.

  • A robust web-enabled interface and continuous improvements to the eWMS, tailored to accommodate the varying needs of US Cold Storage’s 36 warehouses across North America, on a gradual roll-out basis.
  • Agile development and automated testing allowed for rolling out new functionality on a regular basis and continuously incorporating feedback.

❝It has been a very natural fit between our team and Wovenware. The communication has been fluid. I think culturally people are also more aligned, there is just a more natural conversation that happens, which helps to ensure that trust is built. There is also time-zone alignment. Not having to wait six or ten hours to be able to chat with fellow colleagues is very important - we get that with Wovenware.❞

Bobby Kareer, Director of Software Engineering,
United States Cold Storage.

Let’s create useful technology together that empowers humans and delivers impact.