Open Source Software eBook

Open Source Software Brings the Power of Collaboration to Businesses of all Sizes. But, How Do You Make it Your Own?

The Open Source Software eBook provides best practices for optimizing OSS with software plugins and shares success stories from the leading OSS payments platform, Kill Bill.

Unlike proprietary software, open source software is programming code made available for use or modification by developers free of charge. By leveraging open source software and tailoring it to suit their needs, many companies are able to jumpstart key application initiatives without the costs or constraints of vendor software.

Kill Bill’s number-one strength is its ability to build your business logic on top of the open source solution, using plugins to create a customized platform. Clients without in-house IT resources can work with Wovenware. The company is very familiar with Kill Bill, and its stellar reputation makes it a natural choice as our plugin partner.”

Pierre Meyer,
Kill bill co-founder

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The Open Source Software eBook provides an overview of OSS and explains how you can optimize it and tailor it to meet your business needs by building plug-in to other solutions and systems.

OSS projects foster collaboration and knowledge sharing among developers worldwide. This collaborative approach often leads to more innovative and reliable software, yet, it can require skilled expertise.

The Power Of Plugins
The real power of open source software is when you can build your own business logic on top of it to create a customized solution.

Expanding the Payments Ecosystem with Kill Bill
Kill Bill, the world’s leading OSS billing and payment platform, helps online businesses automate their one-time or recurring billing processes. Well-defined plugins hold the key to integration.

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