Our Work - Kill Bill Braintree Plugin

Kill Bill Expands Payments Open-Source Ecosystem with Braintree Plug-in




Kill Bill is a global open-source billing and payments platform used by thousands of businesses to accept one-time, usage and recurring subscription payments online. It’s built with flexibility and scalability in mind, so that clients can fully customize it without compromising security or stability. In order to provide more flexible payment options and reach an expanded customer base, Kill Bill turned to Wovenware to develop a plug-in to the platform. Braintree is the only payments platform to deliver PayPal, Venmo, credit and debit cards and digital wallets, such as Apple Pay and Google Pay in a single, seamless solution.



  • Project Leadership
  • Software Engineer


  • Technical Documentation
  • Braintree Plugin

What We Faced

  • Build a plugin to integrate Kill Bill with Braintree payments.
  • Validate the integration works end-to-end via a demo.
  • Provide convenience for users while maintaining security standards and regulatory compliance.


How We Helped

Before writing a single line of code, our development team set out to understand the functionality, business context, use cases and technical design for Kill Bill and Braintree APIs. Reading the documentation and code, understanding dependencies and running and exploring the application are critical steps when modifying and extending open-source code. The team also carefully studied Kill Bill’s integration with cloud-based payments solution, Stripe, to ensure that the Braintree plug-in followed established best practices.

With a solid foundation on technical design and business context, the development team built the Braintree plug-in and demo, which will be released in Kill Bill’s github repository.





  • Ruby Optimized 05


  • Java Optimized


  • OSGi Optimized 04


  • MySQL Optimized 03



Client Success

Processing more than $1B transactions per quarter, Kill Bill has expanded its payments ecosystem, and enabled Braintree to leverage the features of the Kill Bill platform. By integrating with payments providers like Braintree, Kill Bill customers can better manage their recurring billing cycles without the need to store PCI information.

“Kill Bill's number-one strength is its ability to build your business logic on top of it with plugins to create a customized billing and payments solution," says co-founder Pierre Meyer. "It's important to have a resource for plugin development. Clients without in-house IT resources can work with Wovenware. The company is very familiar with Kill Bill, and its stellar reputation makes it a natural choice as our plugin partner."