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Bringing it Down to Earth: Four Ways Pragmatic AI is Being Used Today

Pragmatic AI

I recently wrote an article for as part of my role on the Forbes Technology Council, exploring the ways Pragmatic AI is being used today.

When many people think of AI they automatically think of something straight out of science fiction, robots that are smarter than the humans who created them. But, as I mentioned in the article, a different form of AI – Pragmatic AI – is being applied successfully today.

Without even knowing it, we are interacting with Pragmatic AI applications day in and day out. They are the automated chatbots that answer our calls and questions, the customer service rep that texts with us on a retail site, providing a better and faster customer experience.

As the article goes on to explain, four key categories of Pragmatic AI, include speech recognition and Natural Language Processing through virtual assistants; predictive analytics that identify historical patterns to predict future outcomes; image recognition; and self-driving cars.

Despite the fact that Pragmatic AI is alive and well today, and the future holds even more applications of AI that rival our wildest imagination, the need for human intelligence isn’t going away anytime soon. As the article concludes, “Humans and their ability to reason must always remain a part of the AI workflow, since software can never know as much as humans – today or in the future.”

Pragmatic AI in Action Today

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