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How to Get a Job as ABAP Developer

Table of Contents What qualifications do I need to be an ABAP developer? Here's a breakdown of the must-have and desirable qualifications for aspiring ABAP developers: Bachelor's Degree: Most employers look for a bachelor's degree in computer science, information technology, or a related field. ABAP Proficiency: Mastery of SAP's proprietary language, ABAP, is crucial. You must demonstrate strong coding abilities within ABAP.…

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How to Get a Job as SAP Developer

Table of Contents What qualifications are needed for an SAP developer job in the US? Employers seeking SAP developers in the US often have these common requirements: Education: A bachelor's degree in computer science, information systems, or a related technical field. Though not always mandatory, some positions may favor candidates with a master's degree. ABAP Expertise: Solid proficiency in ABAP (Advanced…

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Tips for SAP & ABAP Developers

Table of Contents How can I improve my ABAP coding efficiency? Prioritize Database Optimization: ABAP interacts heavily with databases. Structure your code to make the most efficient database calls. Learn effective uses of the WHERE clause, avoid SELECT *, employ buffering techniques, and consider FOR ALL ENTRIES when appropriate. Craft Smart Algorithms: Inefficient algorithms slow things down. Choose algorithms strategically and, importantly, choose appropriate data…

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Strategies for implementing effective software testing

How to Obtain a Professional Certification 

Obtaining certifications in a specific technology can greatly benefit your professional career. Certifications can demonstrate that you have extensive or optimal knowledge of a particular tool or technology. For this reason, it is crucial to choose your certification provider wisely.  The best option is obtaining certifications with the companies that have either maintained or created…

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digital experiences

Empowering Women in Tech: An Inspiring Conversation with Mariam Aquino, People Manager at Wovenware

Summary – Mariam Aquino, People Manager at Wovenware, emerges as a beacon of empowerment and inspiration for women in tech. In a deeply insightful Q&A session, Mariam shares her remarkable journey, challenges, and victories, highlighting the transformative power of determination and inclusivity in tech. Table of Contents Q: Tell us about your university studies?  Q: What…

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Intern at Wovenware

From Classrooms to Industry: My Experience as an Intern at Wovenware

Summary: Anthony Torres shares his transformative journey as a software developer intern at Wovenware, exploring new programming languages, overcoming challenges, and gaining valuable insights to pursue his passion in software development. Table of Contents The spark  The intern  The foundation My name is Anthony Torres, and I’m sharing with you my transformative experience as a software…

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