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Legacy App Modernization

2015 Wovenware Nearshore Software Development - Application Modernization Highlights

The Year that Application Modernization Took Center Stage

As we start 2016, we’re taking stock of all we accomplished during the previous year. So, we thought we’d share some highlights from 2015. Happy reading, and Happy New Year! Wovenware’s Top Ten for 2015 10. Our CEO, Christian Gonzalez, got elected as President of the Puerto Rico IT Cluster 9. We grew revenue by 65% year over…

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Application modernization and the Premera hack

Rebuilding enterprise security: Application modernization and the Premera hack

When word broke last week that the data belonging to more than 11 million customers, dating back to 2002, had been hacked at Premera, it occurred to me that IT is at a crossroads between the proliferation of customer-facing apps and the need for application modernization across the enterprise. Standing at that crossroads (and a…

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Application Modernization

Application Modernization: IT Infrastructure Investments for the SaaS Era

In an IT cost management environment where writing down technical debt is paramount, application modernization is emerging as a successful strategy for extending the life of business applications and rebuilding the IT infrastructure in small batches, over time. Put simply, application modernization is the redevelopment of an existing software application into a modern architecture so the…

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Software Development Puerto Rico

Emancipation of HP & Enterprise Software

It’s not about glamour – it’s about good old-fashioned ingenuity The jury’s still out on H-P’s future following the company’s split, but the conventional wisdom seems to lean toward skepticism. For example, the company might be too late to be a cloud contender, and its personal computing star has fallen far from its zenith. Here’s…

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Custom Software Application to the Cloud

Is it Time to Move Your Custom Software Application to the Cloud?

You invested on a custom built software application to improve your business. Now you are running this mission critical application in a local server at your office site. Maybe you have a fancy datacenter or maybe you do not. What you have is a software application that cannot fail. Is your datacenter the right place…

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