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How to Successfully Integrate AI Into Your Company’s Operating Budget

Summary: As AI continues to take hold as a core business driver for enterprises of all sizes learning how to operationalize it, govern it and pay for it, becomes an enterprise-wide effort. Table of Contents According to International Data Corp., spending on generative AI (GenAI) software and related hardware and business services will reach $151.1 billion by…

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How to Choose the Best Computer Vision Services Company

Table of Contents Finding the right company to collaborate with on your computer vision project is a key step toward success. Here are some essential factors to investigate when deciding on a partner: What expertise do top companies have? Top-tier computer vision companies should possess the following: Core Skills: Deep understanding of computer vision algorithms, machine…

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development for non-developers

Choosing the Right Software Development Consulting Service

Summary: Software drives businesses today; it’s the key to remaining competitive, productive and operating efficiently. That’s why it’s critical that organizations do their homework when selecting a software development consulting partner to help them succeed. By investing in software development consultancies, businesses can harness cutting-edge solutions, tailor them to their unique operational needs and ensure…

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Carlos Melendez

Wovenware’s Carlos Melendez Takes the Stage at Puerto Rico Icon 2023: Joins the Conversation on Innovation and New Technologies 

Summary:  Co-founder and VP of Operations Carlos Melendez will be sharing his insights at the Puerto Rico Icon 2023 event, discussing the symbiotic relationship between AI and human innovation. As part of the discussion, he’ll share AI's role as a complementary tool that enhances creativity, problem-solving, and efficiency while underscoring the importance of ethical considerations…

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Biden Administration Includes Puerto Rico as Key U.S. Technology Hub 

Summary: The Biden administration, through the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration, designates Puerto Rico as a Tech Hub, specifically recognizing PRBio for biotechnology innovation, fostering local coordination through a Tech Hubs Strategy Development Grant, and highlighting the island's excellence in AI and software development. Table of Contents PRBio Tech Hub Designation…

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Wovenware Celebrates Proclamation of Puerto Rico Biosciences Month With Panel Presentation   

Panel Discussion at the University of Puerto (UPR) to shed light on the impact of AI on Bioscience sectors and the skills required to maintain the industry and Puerto Rico's competitiveness. Our COO, Carlos Melendez, has the honor of joining a panel presentation, Monday, October 16, at the University of Puerto Rico’s Central Administration offices,…

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Enterprises Need a Better Way to Ensure Tech Adoption Despite the Disruption it Can Cause

Meta: Exploring six best practices that enable enterprises to ensure effective digital transformation roll-outs that are embraced by the whole team Introducing a new digital tool or automated business process can cause quite a lot of enterprise disruption – especially when it involves AI, automation or cloud migration. It requires employees to learn a new tool,…

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How Companies Strategically Spend on Digital Transformation in a Weakening Economy

Summary: This blog explores how companies are striving to spend wisely and continue their digital transformation goals by prioritizing practicality and making informed technology investments. Table of Contents Understanding the Impact of a Weakening Economy Prioritizing Customer Experience Enhancement Shifting Tech Spend Priorities Cloud Subscriptions: A Focus on Cost Optimization Automation and AI: Boosting Productivity…

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