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AIPR conference

AIPR 2024 Health Industry Summit Sheds Light on Future of AI in Healthcare 

Summary: Wovenware cofounder plays key role in collaborative atmosphere of 2024 Manufacturing Association’s Summit on Health.  Wovenware’s cofounder, Carlos Melendez recently had the opportunity to participate in the 2024 Health Industry Summit, hosted by the Health Committee of the Association of Industrialists of Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico’s manufacturing association. Held at the Puerto Rico Convention…

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digital transformation lessons

From Intent Data to Predictive Analytics, Data is the Lifeblood to Better Decisions

Summary: This blog discusses the crucial role of data, particularly intent data, in making informed business decisions, highlighting insights from Forrester's report on the significance of intent data for B2B organizations, and emphasizes Wovenware's expertise in leveraging data analytics, machine learning, and domain knowledge to help companies unlock valuable insights and drive success across various industries.…

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Carlos Melendez

Carlos Melendez Discusses The Rising Role of AI for Better Patient Care At University of Puerto Rico Event

Summary: Artificial intelligence is playing an increasingly vital role across key healthcare sectors, and it’s something that Wovenware COO Carlos Melendez sees first-hand as he works with clients to help them realize the benefits of deploying innovate AI solutions. Table of Contents Sharing the Use Cases and Possibilities Driving a New Age of AI-Driven Healthcare.  …

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Dana Montenegro

Dana Montenegro: Showcasing Data-Driven Design at the U.S. Census Bureau Data. Innovation Symposium

Summary: In the fast-paced world of technology and innovation, it takes a visionary leader to bridge the gap between data and design. Dana Montenegro, Chief Design Officer at Wovenware, is one such visionary who will take the stage at the upcoming U.S. Census Bureau Data Innovation Symposium. With a rich background in human-centered design, Dana…

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machine learning outsourcing

How Machine Learning is Being Applied to Regulated Industries Today 

Summary: This article describes the various applications of machine learning in industries such as, healthcare, telecommunications, invoice processing and insurance. Table of Contents Telecommunications  Insurance  Invoice Processing  Healthcare  Today, artificial intelligence (AI) is all the rage. The advent of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Google Bard, Git-Hub Copilot and other generative AI solutions are empowering workers across a…

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woman analyzing a checklist

The Solution to Future Bank Crises: Data-Driven Visibility and Accountability

Summary: The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank highlights the need for stronger oversight and proactive measures in the banking industry, necessitating the use of real-time dashboard monitoring, holistic data integration, artificial intelligence, and automation to enhance visibility, mitigate risks, and prevent future crises. In the wake of the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, it has become…

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airline software modernization

Modernizing Airline Industry Software: A Gradual Approach

Summary - In this article, we’ll discuss the challenges faced by the airline industry due to legacy software, emphasizing the need for modernizing software as a safer and more sustainable approach to achieving digital transformation. Examples from airlines such as United Airlines and Air France are provided, highlighting the benefits of modernizing systems through cloud-based…

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Compliance in Regulated Industries Software Development

Why Have Regulated Industries Traditionally Been Behind the Tech Curve?

Regulated industries have a lot to worry about. Not only do they need to meet or exceed customer expectations, grow revenue and strengthen their business, but they’re also controlled by government rules they must follow – from licensing, permitting and compliance matters, to following and adhering to national and international legislative and policy developments. Given…

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