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Drowning in Technical Debt?  There’s a Way Out  

Summary: Companies are getting seriously over their head with technical debt – which occurs when software is deployed without a strategic long-term plan, when cost or speed was selected over quality. The biggest symptom of technical debt is poorly written or redundant code and it leads to uncontrollable costs, siloed systems and an inability…

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Scalable and Resilient Software

Five Strategies for Developing Scalable and Resilient Software Systems

Summary - In this blog post, we'll explore five practical strategies for developing scalable and resilient software systems. These strategies include the use of cloud computing, adopting microservices architecture, implementing a disaster recovery plan, testing and implementing load balancing. Table of Contents 1. Build in the Cloud  2. Adopt a Microservices Architecture 3. Implement a…

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The Importance of Value Stream Management

The Importance of Value Stream Management

Integrating Value Stream Management in your IT Projects Value Stream Management (VSM), also known as Value Stream Mapping (VSM) is a methodology used in many industries, but most often in relation to software development services. It helps to identify waste, improve processes and their cycle times and subsequently reduce development times while streamlining workflows and boosting…

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SOA Governance

SOA Governance: IT Risk Manager’s Secret Weapon

New data risks must be contained now for the IoT future Whether it’s stories about big banks being hacked, or McAfee reporting on mobile malware threats, data risks are a regrettable reality. IT security execs have long dealt with data risks, but even the best among us have to face the fact that in Internet…

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Mobile Software Development

Internal software developers needed?

I came across the following quote last week by Lewis Cirne, CEO of New Relic, during a Stanford Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders talk: "Every business is a software business.” This got me thinking: If every business is a software business, does every business need a software development department? Of course not, and here is why. Although…

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Custom Software Development Puerto Rico

Stop Selling Software Development Short

With custom software development needs increasing everyday and a global market ready to compete for these projects on an outsourced basis, a looming question arises: Has software development become a commodity? Please, stop selling custom software development short! My firm response: no. According to Forrester, custom software is making a big comeback – as…

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