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Software Architecture

Shadow IT

It’s Time to End Shadow IT and Create Strategic Service Brokers

So when exactly did the IT department lose the respect of business users? Many of us can still remember when IT was totally in charge, managing and dictating all technology decisions made within the enterprise and users depended on it to deliver the critical applications they needed to run their operations. But now that’s a…

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Each company has to follow their own path to determine what trends are most relevant for their business

Software Trends Vary by Industry

This post originally appeared as What's hot in software development trends varies by industry and location on our COO, Carlos Meléndez, Under Development blog at InfoWorld and is reprinted with permission from IDG. As a software development company, we're constantly asked about what software development trends we're seeing in the marketplace and among our customers. The first…

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SOA Governance

SOA Governance: IT Risk Manager’s Secret Weapon

New data risks must be contained now for the IoT future Whether it’s stories about big banks being hacked, or McAfee reporting on mobile malware threats, data risks are a regrettable reality. IT security execs have long dealt with data risks, but even the best among us have to face the fact that in Internet…

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New Software Development Technologies: Node.js

New Software Development Technologies, New Possibilities: Node.js

New software development technologies are constantly emerging and one of the most exciting new ones is called Node.js. It is a software framework (based on the Javascript language) that can be used to develop and deploy custom network applications. It allows running Javascript as native code at server-side making it a very fast, lightweight and…

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Five Tips to Build a Better System Integration Software

In Software Engineering, System Integration "is the process of linking together different software applications, that can be spread across multiple computing system, to act as a coordinated whole". (Definition found in Wikipedia []). In its most basic form a System Integration is a software program that allows two or more disparate non-intercommunicating systems to communicate.…

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