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Leveraging Chatbots To Allow More Meaningful Connections With Students.



Inter-American University’s InterMetro student services fields hundreds of questions weekly at the University’s call center, and even more during peak times, such as admission deadline periods or new semesters. Students are constantly asking questions about their financial aid eligibility, academic programs or even library hours during exam week.

Looking for better ways to engage with students and provide immediate answers to a generation that relies on instant information, the University turned to Wovenware to build a chatbot that could field frequently asked questions 24/7 while allowing staff to dedicate more time to provide more meaningful guidance to students.

Tigerbot Phones


  • ML Engineer


  • FAQ Recollection & Documentation
  • Answer Transcript
  • Bot Design
  • Facebook, SMS, Webchat and Skype Integrations
  • Azure Configuration & Deployment
  • Missed Questions & Maintenance
  • Wovenware Chatbot Insights Dashboard

What We Faced

  • Current call center support staff was unable to handle all the regular call volume effectively
  • Provide 24/7 student services channel without hiring additional support staff
  • Answer student questions quickly, effectively and interactively, providing an engaging yet natural experience
  • Enabling staff to interact more meaningfully with prospects and students
  • Obtain more qualified admissions candidates and increase enrollment rates


How We Helped

To meet the University’s needs, Wovenware built a chatbot to answer 80 percent of the frequently asked questions over the Internet. Wovenware worked with the University’s subject matter experts to create the chatbot design including branding, first interaction, conversation flow, redirections to customer support.

Language understanding through Microsoft’s LUIS helped the bot understand the intent and semantics of user messages. Wovenware deployed its custom analytics and insights dashboard to monitor user satisfactions, inquiries, and capture leads. The bot is continuously trained to answer missed questions and increase its level of understanding and sophistication.

  • Design branding, first interaction and conversation flow
  • Trigger redirections to customer support
  • Enable language understanding through LUIS
  • Trained to answer 80% of frequently asked questions


  • Azure

    Microsoft Azure Cloud

  • Bot Framework

    Azure Bot Framework

  • Cognitive Services

    Azure Cognitive Services

  • Bing Spellcheck

    Bing Spell Check API

  • Cosmos



Client Success

With the fully deployed chatbot addressing student questions over the website and via Facebook Messenger and SMS mobile, the Inter-American University of Puerto Rico was able to automate 80 percent of the questions it receives daily from students, while cutting in half the number of support staff required. This enables staff to focus more on less straightforward questions that may be too difficult the chatbot to handle, or to proactively work with students.


Building rendering

  • 24/7 student support that is not reliant on staff or a call center
  • Reduced calls to the support center
  • Fast response times
  • Reduced operational costs
  • More relevant admission candidates
  • Greater student retention rates