Our Work - Maxar Technologies xTerrain

Creating a Next-Generation User Experience for a Traditional Analytics Application



xTerrain is a high-performance terrain and raster analysis system that enables users to create highly accurate terrain products in a fraction of the time, by leveraging high-performance computing resources. Customers are using xTerrain today to produce view-sheds and radio propagation models to perform routing operations for security and humanitarian missions at a global scale. Maxar Technologies turned to Wovenware to design a streamlined and intuitive user experience with a modern, minimalist interface design that showcased the power of simplicity, speed and efficiency offered by the xTerrain application.

XTerrain Mock 2


  • Project Leadership
  • UI/UX Designers
  • Front End Developers


  • Product Rebranding
  • Product Landing Page Design
  • Product User Interface Design
  • Product User Experience Design
  • Front End Development

What We Faced

  • Create a simple and intuitive user experience for a very sophisticated and complex application.
  • Develop a modern user interface design.
  • Rebrand the product with a refreshed logo.
  • Match the quality of design to the quality of the application.

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How We Helped

We studied xTerrain’s current customer journey to create a compelling yet simple user experience. Using organic color palettes and minimalist graphical elements we designed a simple and easy to use interface for a trailblazing application.

  • Created a very organic palette that compliments the terrain imagery.
  • Designed an intuitive flow to guide users in creating new operations.
  • Implemented a hierarchy of menus, icons and modals to make relevant user actions stand out.
  • Improved iconography to visually represent key operations.
  • Added a landing page, domain and modern branding to help promote the tool.


  • Java


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Client Success

Maxar was able to expand the user base and accelerate the learning curve for new users exploring the Xterrain capabilities. The new user experience and user interface design expanded the accessibility of Xterrain to a diverse user base while minimizing the learning curve to understand and use the tool.