Our Work - Claro

Highly Scalable Always-On Architecture Keeps the Lights On for Telco Provider. 



Consistent telecommunications services are essential to Claro’s premium customers. Receiving timely notices about critical activities in servers and network nodes enables stakeholders to promptly take appropriate actions.

Claro turned to Wovenware to build a cloud-based always-on highly scalable SMS campaign manager that receives e-mail messages from external customers and converts them to SMS. The system can trigger hundreds of messages per minute 24/7.

Client Success Claro


  • Project Leadership
  • Business Analysis
  • Software Architect
  • Backend Developers


  • Technology Platform Selection
  • Architecture Design
  • SMS Campaign Manager

What We Faced

  • The need for notification of preemptive maintenance and outages in real-time.
  • Support for high volumes of transactions per minute.
  • The need for 24/7 availability.


How We Helped

To meet Claro’s performance requirements and to deliver an always-on and highly scalable solution, Wovenware designed and developed an SMS campaign manager using a microservices-based architecture and Azure container services. The application receives e-mail messages from external customers and converts them to SMS and network related notices are triggered automatically.

The application is mostly used to warn of preemptive maintenance or system outages but can be adapted to be adapted for any type of mass SMS campaign.




Continuous Delivery

Wovenware has delivered numerous custom software solutions over the years to support Claro’s changing needs.

  • A CRM for pay-as-you-go wireless services.
  • A claims management system for mobile devices.
  • A provisioning platform for DSL services, including internal and external webpages to manage orders from sales to billing.
  • Provisioning services for IPTV and cable.
  • A consolidated front-end for ordering wireline, internet and IPTV offers and promotions.
  • Customer service applications, which seamlessly integrate with internal systems to fulfill orders, etc.
  • Modernized legacy systems.
  • Internal chatbot to help customer service reps better serve customers and lead up sales.



  • Oracle

    Oracle DB VM's

  • Azure Container

    Azure Container Services (Kubernetes)

  • Docker


  • API

    API Gateway

  • Azure VPN

    Azure VPN

  • Elastic Search

    Elastic Search

  • Logstash


  • Kibana



Client Success

The automated triggers related to server and network outages improves overall response times. And, the platform’s flexibility allows Claro to scale the volume of transactions and expand its use in broader SMS mass messaging campaigns.