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Customizing an Invoice Plugin

Kill Bill and Wovenware team up to collaborate on a highly customized and tailored project aimed at delivering an exceptional invoice plugin solution to Dansk Kabel Tv. This collaborative effort brings together the expertise of both companies to ensure a seamless integration and efficient implementation process.

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“Dansk Kabel Tv was originally referred to us by Kill Bill, our open source billing software partner. As the leading telephone, television, and broadband telecom service provider in Denmark, Dansk Kabel Tv dedicates itself to providing superior service and meeting customer needs.”

Modernizing Solutions together

Dansk Kabel turned to Wovenware to develop an internal ERP system using Kill Bill’s open source platform. After a series of conversations, we were on our way to develop a solution that would enable them to add a fee or discount based on changing needs and allowing the system to modify payments due dates. ​​Upon successful completion of the project, Dansk Kabel Tv embraced their newly implemented internal ERP system as a transformative solution that revolutionized their business operations. The seamless integration of Kill Bill's open-source platform, coupled with Wovenware's expertise in software development, enabled Dansk Kabel Tv to achieve newfound efficiency, flexibility, and competitiveness in the industry.

Gaining Greater Visibility and Leveraging the Power of Data

To best maximize the existing system, we created an Invoice Plugin, a Payment Plugin and a Catalog Plugin, to integrate them into the existing system. The final project, the Invoice Plugin, offered a series of capabilities, such as:

1. Automatic, real-time invoice creation to trigger payment.

2. Variety of billing frequencies and billing models (fixed recurring, one-time charge.

3. Aggregate invoicing (bill multiple subscriptions on the same invoice).

4. Alignment renewals (same-day renewal of base subscription and add-ons).

5. Billing alignment rule.

The Challenges and Insights

One of the key challenges encountered in this collaborative endeavor was the task of working with a pre-existing, well-established solution and transforming it to accommodate new needs and requirements. This presented a unique set of obstacles that required innovative thinking and careful adaptation.

The Wovenware Approach

To ensure the seamless integration and validate the end-to-end functionality, the first step involved initiating an interactive demo and establishing a smooth conversation flow. This served as a preliminary check to ensure that the integration is functioning properly.

Upon understanding the client's requirements, we leveraged the flexibility of Kill Bill's open-source platform to customize the internal ERP system. This customization allowed us to tailor the solution according to the unique needs and specifications of the client.

With a focus on meeting project deadlines, we successfully delivered the initial solution within the specified project duration. This ensures that the client's objectives are met in a timely manner while adhering to the predetermined parameters.

Overall, our approach entails validating the integration through a demo, leveraging Kill Bill's open-source platform for customization, and delivering the initial solution within the designated project timeline. This comprehensive strategy ensures a smooth and efficient implementation process.

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