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AI Facilitates Ulcer Treatment Decision Making

Wovenware succeeds in creating a proof of concept for Best Option that validates a machine learning model capable of aiding in the process of selecting the right ulcer treatment.

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Identifying opportunities together

Health professionals apply their expertise to determine the appropriate procedure to treat ulcers using their knowledge of both the patients and wounds. The decision-making process is complex given the quantity of available treatment options and the quantity of patient and wound characteristics that must be considered. leveraging high-performance

Setting a goal for success

Best Option turned to Wovenware to run an innovation sprint and create a proof of concept for and AI predictive algorithm that could help health professionals with this decision process.

Our challenges and learnings

  • Work with a limited dataset of 73 unique patients and 402 wounds and having only positive data, where treatment was effective but none where treatment was not effective or was not needed.
  • Build a predictive model for key treatment options including Primary Bandages, Secondary Bandages and Negative Pressure.
  • Build a recommender system for appropriate wound treatment in a limited timeframe.

The Wovenware Approach

To address, Best Option’s goal was to validate the feasibility of improving the efficiency of health professionals through AI models Wovenware worked on a proof of concept with a sample data set and our Innovation Sprint methodology.

Technologies we take advantage of