Remote Development Team 

As companies undertake their digital transformation journeys, organizations are relying more and more on outsourcing IT projects to remote software development teams. Wovenware provides software engineering and nearshore development services to businesses in the US. We strongly believe that we are only as good as our last project and achieve success by forging long-term partnerships built on measurable business value.


Benefits of a Remote Software Development Team

Working with remote software development teams provides strategic benefits for businesses the are in a path of growth and expansion:

  • Additional Expertise- Software Engineering consultancies can complement your internal skillset with unique business knowledge, capabilities, and domain experience.
  • Expanded Capacity- Most organizations don’t have employees sitting around with spare time for new projects. A remote team can execute strategic projects when there is not internal capacity to execute and deliver to achieve business goals.
  • Multidisciplinary Teams- Modern software innovation is best executed by multidisciplinary teams with rich and diverse backgrounds, experiences, skills, and perspectives. Adding a third party will diversify your team and introduce new thinking to your development processes.
  • Added Diversity- Adding cultural diversity to a multidisciplinary team will allow designing a customer experience that appeals to a broader population.
  • Improved costs and efficiency- When partnering with a nearshore provider, you can achieve costs savings and more efficiency in your development process.

Remote Development Team Capabilities

Wovenware developers are curious and relentless problem solvers that are passionate about using technology to solve complex business challenges. As consultants, we are technology agnostic and will always select the platforms, programming languages and tools best suited for your organization. Our remote development team services are designed to offer breadth and depth to our partners. We offer legacy modernization assessments, cloud-native and custom application development, chatbot development, data analytics and insights and a full range of artificial intelligence consulting services. We are ready to take full responsibility for your custom development project or to collaborate with internal teams when you need reinforcements.


Development Best Practices and Methodologies

Our remote development teams are well versed in modern agile software development methodologies, implementing CI/CD pipelines and DevOps processes. We can provide consultancy services to help your organization evolve its internal processes to facilitate faster deliveries and cross-team collaboration while maintaining a focus on uncompromisable quality.


How We Work Together

The core value of an outsourcing relationship is promoting genuine collaboration and ensuring that the remote software development teams work well together.  The following are some communication best practices that help forge trusting business relationships:

  • Teams communicate every day in 15-minute meetings
  • Teams have open chatting channels such as slack or teams
  • Project Managers communicate overall project progress on a weekly basis
  • Business Stakeholders communicate every month evaluate if objectives and expectations are being met
  • All teams communicate openly and transparently
  • Leadership promotes a culture of continuous learning and improvement through retrospectives