Nearshore Software Development

Organizations undergoing digital transformation frequently reinforce their teams and outsource strategic projects to nearshore providers. Nearshore outsourcing software development gives you the best of both worlds – the added resources of a contract services provider providing the right skills at the right time, with the proximity, collaboration, and work culture that you’re accustomed to getting in-house.


Why We Are the Right Provider For You

Because we’re based in San Juan, Puerto Rico – part of the U.S. – we provide key advantages over other offshore or nearshore resources, including:

  • Highest-level quality and Intellectual Property (IP) protection
  • Close geographic distance
  • Costs that are 30-50% lower than mainland U.S.
  • Deep cultural understanding of our customers’ business environment 

High quality in everything we do

We are committed to delivering quality software – on time and on budget. Here’s how we’re able to consistently achieve that:

  • Our highly skilled team of software engineers, data scientists and other professionals are U.S. citizens with degrees from U.S. accredited universities
  • We have a track record of success for over a decade in developing software for customers in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and the Caribbean
  • Our specialized expertise in developing smart apps and other cutting-edge technologies
  • We’re one of the first software engineering services firms in Puerto Rico to be an authorized Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) 
  • We follow industry best practices and U.S standards in all our software development, including ISO 27001 guidelines to ensure your data and intellectual property are secure
  • We’re in the neighborhood


Because we’re located in a U.S. territory in the Caribbean, it’s easy to work collaboratively and be responsive to your needs – including turnaround times that match your schedule. Here’s how we do it:

  • Our time zone aligns with yours
  • We work when you work, coordinating with your business hours
  • We can be at your location quickly when you need us
  • We encourage multiple communication touches a day with our team, via telephone, email, slack, instant messaging, or your preferred communication platform


Attractive pricing

We offer competitive pricing for our nearshore software development services:

  • Our billing rates are typically 30-50% lower than mainland US software developers, while delivering the same or higher quality
  • We share your same banking system, currency, and regulations


We speak your language

Effective communication is critical for the success of any nearshore software development engagement:

  • Our employees are bilingual in English and Spanish and most have worked for technology companies in the mainland U.S. – so we can understand your business environment and technology needs
  • We share a common culture and the same high standards

Nearshore Outsourcing Offerings

At the core of our nearshore outsourcing teams are driven by a passion to solve complex business problems with modern technologies. As consultants, we are technology independent and we select the technology stack and platform best suited for your organization. Our nearshore outsourcing software development services are designed to offer breadth and depth to our partners. We offer legacy modernization assessments, custom software application development (cloud-native, cloud-based, mobile and others) , data analytics and insights and a full range of artificial intelligence consulting services. We are ready to take full responsibility for your custom development project or to collaborate with internal teams when you need additional reinforcements.


Development Best Practices

Our nearshore outsourcing teams are well versed in modern agile software development methodologies, implementing CI/CD pipelines and DevOps processes. We can provide consultancy services to help your organization evolve its internal processes to facilitate faster deliveries and cross-team collaboration while maintaining a focus on world-class quality.


It's All About the Customer Experience

We’re known for our unwavering commitment to high quality and service. We‘ll get the projects that you need done, on time, on budget and with the high quality that you’re looking for to keep your business moving forward.