Data Analytics Solutions

The most common barriers that organizations face during their digital transformations are that data is in silos and inaccessible in real time. Wovenware provides a full spectrum of data, analytics, and insights services to position your business to make data-informed decisions and to maximize the potential of artificial intelligence.  As product-based businesses evolve to become knowledge-based organizations, Wovenware provides services throughout each stage of the process.


Data Strategy

Wovenware facilitates hands-on workshops where interdisciplinary teams of business leaders and data owners collaborate to align business goals and data needs. The project team will map out the organizations data assets, understanding when, where and how it is collected, and how it relates to the customer journey and business outcomes. We will assess the quality and accessibility of the data to be used to extract relevant insights when and where it matters and create an actionable roadmap of what data needs to be collected, how often, and how to make it accessible for the benefit of the organization.


Data Discovery

Data-driven innovation is an iterative process of discovery through exploration and learning. Using readily available sample data, our team will go through a data exploration and analysis process, uncovering patterns and correlations as well as potential limitations with datasets. Wovenware will create visualizations to derive the potential strategic value of the data.


Data Architecture

Making data available, accessible, and usable to perform custom analytics services requires modernized data platforms including data lakes and data warehouses. Wovenware will design the appropriate architecture to support custom data analytics models and strategic business objectives. The team will design the data architecture, collection pipeline and data platform that supports the capture, processing, publishing, and usage of each of the data assets to maximize its potential to bring value to the organization.


Custom Data Analytics Services

Custom Data Analytics services are designed to maximize the combined potential of internal and external data sources to extract novel insights and unique knowledge about your business and customers. The advanced analytics techniques, including predictive and prescriptive analytics, data science and machine learning, our team of experts can harness the power of your data to support your business’s digital transformation.


Continuous Improvement

As customer demands change, new digital channels emerge and ways of communicating with customers evolve, custom data analytics services must be kept fresh by continuously assessing the business data assets, insights and outcomes and aligning with the right data capture, processing and analytics platform.