Custom Application Development

Wovenware provides a full spectrum of custom application development services to build solutions that solve real-world business challenges. We provide a unique blend of innovation and creativity with rigorousness and engineering to deliver secure and robust solutions that are centered around human needs and that can scale alongside your business. We use agile development and continuous integration, continuous delivery methodologies to ensure fast and robust deliveries.


Mission Immersion

Before diving deep into code, we need to setup the project for success and we kickoff most of our projects with a Mission immersion. A mission immersion is a series of collaborative and dynamic workshops designed to help teams understand the business context and customer perspective, design a product vision, and provide the necessary tools to guide decisions throughout the application development process. Ensuring you are addressing the right problem and designing a solution with a compelling customer experience is a critical step in building any application and setting up your project for success.


Service and Customer Experience Design

We take a people-first approach when developing custom applications. Using modern design thinking techniques, we take a deep dive into understanding and empathizing with the people who need the services provided by the application. Ensuring you are addressing the right problem and designing a solution with a compelling customer experience is a critical step in building any application, regardless of where it is hosted.


Application Architecture

As consultants, we are technology-agnostic and will evaluate the technology platforms that are best suited to our customers. The architecture team will design an application architecture that can support the organization’s scalability, flexibility, security, and availability requirements. Our team is experienced with multiple technology stacks including Microsoft and Java as well as with a wide range of architectures including microservices, clean and monolithic.


Custom Application Development Services

Our development teams thrive in building clean solutions for complex business problems. We have specialized resources in database, back-end integration, mobile application, and enterprise web application development. Our team takes pride in delivering quality products and we do not cut corners when it comes to coding practices. Our custom application development lifecycle includes architecture design, evaluating design patterns, completing unit tests, performing code reviews and implementing automated tests, and running security tests.


Agile Custom Application Development

While some of our customers prefer implementing waterfall or hybrid methodologies, our teams generally follow agile practices in custom application development. We value the collaborative process that results from building software through short iterations, frequent feedback, and continuous improvement.


DevOps and CI/CD

Our seasoned engineers will manage releases through DevOps best practices, continuous integration, and continuous delivery pipelines. Ensuring fast and efficient software delivery will allow the application to evolve at the pace of user demands and expectations.