Innovation Consulting and Service Design

Being a design driven technology company means we put people front and center and ask all the why's before writing a single line of code. Creating positive business outcomes requires doing the right thing before doing the thing right. Wovenware provides innovation consulting and service design offerings to identify opportunities to create new products and improve customer experiences driven by digital innovation.


Innovation Accelerator

Do you need to incorporate new thinking around the opportunities to innovate in your organization? Our workshops are designed to develop an innovation mindset and culture in your organization, generate ideas and to quickly get to the heart of the issues. We develop short and actionable digital opportunity roadmaps with our clients.


New Product Ideation

Are you 100% certain that you understand what your users need and that you are tackling the right problems? Generations have evolved, new technologies are emerging, and user demands have changed. Our interactive workshops take a deep dive into the heart of your customers to come up with potential opportunities to create new products and service lines that drive your digital transformation.


Operations Optimization

Are your most valuable resources bogged down in mundane tasks? Our collaborative sessions are designed to quickly map out your customer journey and operational processes to identify pain points and potential automation opportunities so that your team can focus on activities the generate real value.


AI Opportunity Discovery

Are you skeptical about how AI could benefit your organization long-term and short-term with quick wins? By engaging a multidisciplinary team of business leaders, AI strategists, service designers and data scientists we facilitate ideation activities to create a roadmap of AI opportunities that have real business impact.


Mission Immersion

Mission Immersion is the way of developing a more holistic view of requirements.  We help our clients to start any project with a clearer understanding of what is both required from the technology, what is needed for users of the technology and what opportunities there are to improve the overall work of people within the organization. 

Through the process of a Mission immersion we uncover needs by both looking at your data, materials, processes and internal documentation as well as interviewing and understanding the workflow, barriers and unmet needs of stakeholders and users.   Though this process we are able to define key success criteria, new opportunities, underlying needs, barriers to progress as well as requirements.   Wovenware will dig deeper to understand how it will work and who it needs to work for. This is our approach to making sure we always start projects right with a better understanding of what is needed for the business, from the technology and for the end user.