Predictive Analytics Solutions

If you could have a peak into the future, what would you like to know? Wovenware’s custom predictive analytics solutions and services are designed to harness the power of your data to improve the customer experience.  Whether it is predicting customer churn or recommending the right healthcare plan for a patient, machine learning models can generate predictions that lead to better business decisions and personalized user experiences.


End to End Predictive Analytics Services

Wovenware partners with organizations to provide the full spectrum of services to build custom predictive algorithms.  We facilitate innovation workshops to identify AI opportunities within your organization and will provide guidance every step of the way through the operationalization of the machine learning solution. Our end to end predictive analytics services include:

  • Innovation and Opportunity Prioritization Workshops
  • Human-Centered Solution Design
  • Feasibility Assessment
  • Design Infrastructure Architecture
  • Data Strategy and Architecture
  • Custom Predictive Analytics Model Development
  • Integration with Existing Applications
  • Continuous Learning and Maintenance

Innovation Consulting and Service Design

Getting started with machine learning and predictive analytics can be overwhelming.  The most important step in is identifying and prioritizing business opportunities and determining which problem is the right one to solve first. Our innovation services and hands-on workshops are specifically designed for business leaders who want to remain competitive in the AI era and are seeking to gain a better understanding of the real opportunities that can drive business transformation. We will prioritize opportunities to implement different use-cases such as predicting customer churn, preventing fraud and providing product recommendations by understanding business goals, data and information assets, and customer pain points. 


Data Strategy and Architecture


One of the biggest barriers that organizations face when trying to develop machine learning models is that data resides in silos. To be able to maximize the true potential of artificial intelligence data must be collected, accessible and reliable throughout the organization. Our team will help evaluate your data needs and design an action plan to create the architecture that can support development of a custom predictive analytics model. Different from pre-packaged solutions custom models are tailored to your business data and will generate insights that are most relevant to you and your customers.


Building Custom Predictive Analytics Models 

Our data science team will build custom predictive analytics models to create positive business outcomes. Some of the most common use cases include predicting customer churn, determining risk levels of customer groups (loan credit, health conditions, insurance) and predicting customer preferences. We use our proprietary innovation sprint methodology to speed up testing of advanced data science techniques including regression and clustering models and neural networks.


Integration, Operationalization and Maintenance 

Building a custom predictive analytics model with outstanding accuracy is only the beginning of the road in a digital transformation journey.  Building integrations with existing applications, designing the human + machine collaboration in daily operations and architecting the continuous learning and optimization of a model are key for realizing the true potential of a machine learning application, yet they are tasks that are often overlooked when kicking off a project.  Deploying an algorithmic model to the real world requires collaboration from all levels in the organization and Wovenware’s team is prepared to lead and support your business through every phase in the project.