Applied Computer Vision

Wovenware’s computer vision services are designed to help organizations optimize their operations by extracting valuable insights from the physical world. The capabilities of computer vision have matured at a faster pace than other AI disciplines and the solutions built by our teams add immense value to business leaders across industries. Automating classification tasks and extracting insights from your data assets through our applied computer vision services can lead to more efficient operations and better-informed decision-making in your business.


End To End Computer
Vision Services

Wovenware partners with organizations to provide the full spectrum of computer vision services. We lead innovation workshops to identify AI opportunities within your organization and will provide guidance every step of the way to build and operationalize an AI solution. Our end to end computer vision services include:

  • Innovation and Opportunity Prioritization Workshops
  • Human-Centered Solution Design
  • Feasibility Assessment
  • Design Infrastructure Architecture
  • Image Classification and Data Labeling
  • Custom Computer Vision Model Development
  • Integration with Existing Applications
  • Continuous Learning and Maintenance



Innovation Consulting and
Service Design

Computer vision provides an opportunity to leverage image assets to solve the most challenging business problems and create transformational digital products. As a design-driven company, before diving into developing complex deep learning models, we work with stakeholders and end-users to uncover opportunities to solve real problems and align business goals. Our innovation services and hands-on service design workshops will lay the foundation to create digital innovations that have profound impact on your organization and customers.


Image Classification and
Data Labeling

Every computer vision algorithm relies on data for training and benchmarking. We employ a dual approach to obtaining the right amount of accurately classified images: manual classification and labeling through a private crowd and generating synthetic data when appropriate. Our data labeling team goes through extensive training to understand nuances specific to your business and data and to accurately classify and label objects in images. Based in the United States, we employ physical and digital security best practices to protect data assets in highly regulated industries.

When images are limited, our team can customize algorithms to generate synthetic images with varying textures, backgrounds and other conditions that are extremely close to the actual images. Synthetic data will complement actual images to create a diverse and large enough data set to train a high-performing computer vision model.


Building Custom Computer
Vision Models

Our data science team will build custom computer vision models to automatically detect objects in images and videos. We leverage our own proprietary algorithms and model factory to accelerate the testing and optimization of models against computer vision algorithms like ssd, mask r-cnn and retinanet. Whether helping nurses classify ulcer wounds or helping researchers classify mosquitoes, computer vision applications can tag, slice and dice visual data assets so that humans can dedicate more time to having meaningful interactions with customers and solving complex problems.


Integration, Operationalization
And Maintenance

Building a computer vision model with outstanding performance is only the beginning of the road in a digital transformation journey. Building integrations with existing applications, designing the human + machine collaboration in daily operations and architecting the continuous learning process and optimization of a model are key for realizing the true potential of a computer vision application, yet they are tasks that are often overlooked when kicking off a project. Deploying an algorithmic model to the real world requires collaboration from all levels in the organization and Wovenware’s team is prepared to lead and support your business through every phase in the project.