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Wovenware Featured in Puerto Rico Aerospace and Defense Industry Report for Pioneering AI and Software Solutions for Government and Commercial Markets

Wovenware is increasingly recognized as a trailblazer in the aerospace and defense industry landscape, particularly its work in artificial intelligence (AI) and software development.

Most recently, Wovenware was featured in the prestigious Puerto Rico Aerospace and Defense Industry Report, published by the Puerto Rico Department of Economic Development and Commerce in March 2023. This report spotlights businesses and individuals driving innovation and fostering growth within the Puerto Rican aerospace and defense ecosystem. It also provides a comprehensive overview of the industry's history in Puerto Rico.

Wovenware's success in the aerospace and defense industry is fueled by a commitment to excellence and a passion for delivering cutting-edge solutions. From pioneering AI applications to embracing new software development challenges, Wovenware continues to shape the future of technology in this critical sector.”

Carlos Meléndez
Co-Founder and COO of Wovenware

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Check out the Puerto Rico Aerospace and Defense Industry report lo learn:

Learn more about the state of the aerospace and defense industry in Puerto Rico and Wovenware’s achievements and contributions to its success.

Unlocking Puerto Rico’s Potential with a Cleared Workforce
One of Wovenware's key advantages lies in its strong roster of cleared engineering talent. Having employees with security clearances empowers the company to engage in classified projects, applying state-of-the-art solutions to help safeguard national security interests. Wovenware’s workforce is a major boost to Puerto Rico’s ability to serve the U.S. defense and intelligence community.

Pushing New Frontiers with Maxar, the World’s Leading Geospatial Intelligence Company
In late 2022, Wovenware’s journey took a momentous turn when Maxar Technologies, one of the world's leading geospatial intelligence companies and a long-standing Wovenware client, acquired Wovenware to bolster the company’s AI and software engineering capabilities. Working closely with Maxar colleagues, Wovenware is helping Maxar customers generate faster, more actionable insights from satellite imagery.

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