Nearshore Outsourcing Report

Puerto Rico: The Prime Destination for Nearshore AI and Software Development

Discover what makes Puerto Rico an advantageous nearshore partner and destination hub for outsourcing projects from US companies.

Outsourcing AI software development initiatives closer to home has helped overcome the talent shortage challenges, and Puerto Rico is emerging as one of America’s leading destinations.

“Many firms consider P.R a key nearshore destination because it provides cheaper costs than mainland states, only slightly higher than offshoring, and with expertise on or above par with both.

Carlos Meléndez
Co-Founder and COO of Wovenware

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Check out the Puerto Rico: The Prime Destination for Nearshore AI and Software Development report to learn

Use our Nearshore Outsourcing report to find the right partner for your AI and software development needs, including legacy modernization, application development, computer vision and image processing services, among others.

Protected intellectual property
As you will own your intellectual property and it will be protected by U.S. law.

Supporting U.S. business
Outsourcing to U.S. based providers would help maintain its competitive advantage on the global technology stage.

Mitigating risk
By keeping development services closer, it enables federal agencies to better control over possible future disruptions or additional risks.

Easier collaboration
Less gaps because of closer proximity, easy travel and similar culture.

Complex AI-based technologies
Professionals educated in the best universities in the United States, with knowledge in cutting-edge technology.

The need for collaboration
Forget the problems of team integrations with differences in languages, currencies and regulatory requirements.

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