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Wovenware recognized as a strong performer in Forrester Computer Vision Consultancies Q4 2020

Forrester noted that Wovenware is one of the few consultancies with a large, in-house, U.S.-based data labeling team and has a history of clients with stringent security requirements.

Wovenware had glowing customer recommendations that praised its support for the entire CV lifecycle, technical expertise, and professional execution. The Forrester New Wave Report highlighted key Computer Vision Consultancies and noted Wovenware along with 12 other providers – including major firms, such as Accenture, Capgemini, Deloitte and PwC.

Computer vision and AI are just now bursting on the scene, and we’re proud that we’re being seen as one of the world’s best consulting firms in the world.”

Carlos Meléndez
Co-Founder and COO of Wovenware

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Check out the Forrester Computer Vision Consultancies Q4 2022 report to learn:

Use our Forrester New Wave report to find the right partner for your Computer Vision needs, including predictive maintenance, document processing, social distance monitoring, and medical imaging.

CV leaders consultancies
The 13 most significant providers in CV, including Wovenware’s position as a leader.

Key differentiations
Why model development experience, data and vision are key differentiators among vendors.

Wovenware’s knowledge
Showcasing expertise in building technically demanding, customer-facing CV solutions.

Choose the best partner for CV
The report shows the experience these consultancies implementing a computer vision solution.

Why we were chosen
Forrester praised us for its support on the entire CV lifecycle among other reasons.

Forrester Criteria
The criteria that Forrester used in the evaluation.

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