IDC Innovators for AI Services

IDC Included Wovenware as a 2020 Leading AI Service Provider

The IDC Innovators Report identified emerging vendors of AI services that have demonstrated either a groundbreaking business model or an innovative new technology — or both.

Wovenware, a leading provider of AI services, has been recognized as one of only four vendors named by IDC for its comprehensive and innovative solutions throughout the entire AI lifecycle.

We’re encouraged by the technology innovation taking place in AI and pleased to be named an IDC Innovator for our AI services that help companies gain valuable insights from their data across industries

Christian González
Co-Founder and CEO of Wovenware

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Check out the IDC Innovators report to learn:

The IDC Innovator report highlights Wovenware's recognition for providing innovative AI solutions and services that are tailored to the specific requirements of its clients, with a particular focus on the healthcare and life sciences industries. By reading the summary report, you can gain insights into Wovenware's customized AI solutions and their potential applications in these industries.

Why Wovenware is IDC Innovators
Wovenware offers innovative AI solutions that are customized to meet the unique needs of its clients.

IDC Innovators assessment
Is based on several criteria, including technology, customer adoption, and business innovation.

IDC Innovators in AI
As seen with the four IDC Innovators, the pressure to generate business value from AI investments.

Technology definition
AI is used to analyze, organize, access and provide advisory services based on structured and unstructured information.

IDC Innovator inclusion criteria
IDC recognizes emerging vendors with innovative technology that have annual revenue under $100 million.

About IDC Innovators
IDC is a global provider of market intelligence, advisory services, and events, offering strategic insights.

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