Delivering Measurable Value for Telecommunications Providers

The Challenge

Innovations such as the Internet of Things (IoT), smart phones and mobile payments are drastically transforming the way we communicate, conduct business and live. Consumers are demanding a positive user experience and, to remain competitive, it’s critical that you can deliver it – all the time. They are operating at the speed of sound and enjoying continuously enhanced entertainment options on multiple devices, and, they expect to be connected at all times – with no disruption to network performance or dropped calls. While this presents a challenge, at the same time, these expanded communication options, provide a greater opportunity for business growth.

The challenge you face as a telecom provider is to create a strong, scalable telecom infrastructure enabling constant connection through a variety of devices, and at the same time, providing data and voice services that are consistently high quality, reliable, and affordable – all without missing a beat.

So, how is Wovenware helping you meet this challenge? We develop innovative custom telecom software that enable you to stay ahead of the curve:

  • Provisioning Platforms for high-bandwidth DSL, Internet Protocol TV (IPTV)
  • Self-service Customer Service portals​
  • AI-Based Customer Service Apps Integrated with Back-end Systems
  • Chatbots and Storefronts to improve customer experience
  • Legacy Systems Application Modernization​​​​

We work with you to understand your needs

Our Approach

We bring a deep knowledge of the competitive telecom industry and an understanding of your specific needs, to develop custom solutions that solve your most complex technology and business challenges.

We understand that your business comes first and any application modernization project must be conducted quickly, efficiently and with minimal disruption or downtime for users. We are committed to meeting your timetables and delivering not only what you think you need, but also today’s innovative smart applications that are transforming the way business is conducted in today’s always-on – and always evolving – telecom environment.

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