Helping State and Local Governments Work Smarter

The Challenge

Today’s state, local, and federal governments are saddled with legacy IT infrastructure that cannot scale to meet the challenges of stricter regulatory compliance, increased reporting requirements, and reduced staff.

Despite these challenges, the public sector has to find ways to make better use of the enormous amounts of data it is receiving from multiple departments, organizations, and citizens. It needs to eliminate manual, time-consuming processes to better centralize and leverage data for more effective decision-making and reporting.

We provide government entities with the tools that enable them to tackle these challenges, through customized software that automates key processes and enables more strategic operations:

  • Interfaces and integration with internal and external systems
  • Web portals
  • Analytics platforms
  • Data collection and storage solutions
  • Chatbots

We work with you to understand your needs

Our Approach

Our work for a local Department of Treasury is a good example of our solutions in action. To help collect data coming from multiple systems and sources – such as excise taxes, sales taxes, etc. – we built and maintain a Tax Intelligence System, an analytics platform that feeds all data into a single system.

Key economic data required for reporting to the federal government comes from this system, and the new platform not only centralizes this data, but also provides critical visibility and analytics to enable greater tax fraud detection, and better forecasting of tax-generated income.

In another example, we modernized the data collection and storage capabilities for a planning board responsible for collecting data to develop financial statistics on a state’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Since the legacy system it was previously using was no longer supported, we developed a web application that allows users to easily enter data. We’ve also built an interface solution that enables integration of data for a Medicaid Management Information System.

And we’re busily working to help governments leverage smart apps, such as chatbots, to help call centers more efficiently address citizens’ questions regarding housing, child support, and more, providing 24/7 customer support despite staff shortages.

With extensive experience helping governments modernize legacy apps and work smarter with their data, we’re committed to being your partner of choice.

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