Building Smart Apps that Deliver the Goods to the Food & Logistics Marketplace 

The Challenge

Today, food & logistics manufacturers are facing increased competitive pressure as more and more brands are competing for limited shelf space. The brands that have come out ahead have successfully tapped consumer demand, winning them over with fresh products, in-store promotions and greater insight into their shopping preferences. These manufacturers rely on distributors to help them deliver on these goals.

Distributors are working closely with supermarkets, convenience stores and other brick and mortar locations to understand buyer behavior and track key metrics such as delivery timelines, expired items and price changes. They’re also managing multiple supplier invoices and multiple distribution fleets, as well as identifying efficient routes to ensure prompt delivery.

We help you overcome these challenges and build a strong brand by designing innovative custom solutions, such as:

  • Predictive analytics and other smart apps
  • Workflow apps
  • Interfaces and integration with internal and external systems
  • Web portals

We work with you to understand your needs

Our Approach

We work with you to develop one-of-a-kind smart solutions – such as predictive analytics – to forecast consumer needs, as well as workflow solutions that remove the silos externally between suppliers, distributors and stores; and internally between finance, sales, marketing and other functions.

We deliver the predictive analytics tools you need to anticipate what shoppers want based on an understanding of their motivations and visibility into past behavior. And at a time when brick and mortar competition is intense, you need easy, real-time access to data-driven insight, as well as greater visibility into your sales, staff, suppliers, stores and shoppers.

We also develop web portals that provides access to all your data in real-time, creating a workflow to support different contracts, promotions and campaigns per client.

Based on our expertise in the most up-to-the-minute smart apps and other technologies, coupled with extensive experience working closely with the food & logistics marketplace, you can rest assured that Wovenware has what it takes to help you deliver the goods – more efficiently, cost-effectively and strategically.

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